Everyday Prayers


God’s love is perfect
A perfect love exists in this world
of darkness and light
This beautiful truth depends on
our capacity to love and to be loved

We live in hope that love
is much more powerful than evil
God shows the power of
His great love for us through Jesus

Perfect love is seen through the eyes of my soul
I see that God sent His Beloved Son to live among us
Lord, teach me how to love in the most perfect way

Then our eyes will see
the true glory and magnificence of God Our Saviour
Through the love of Jesus Our Lord


Lord Jesus, we ask You to bless all the babies and infants
in every part of the world
Bless their parents who care for them
in sickness and in health
Protect them from the hands of those who wish them harm

Lord, You give us life
You give meaning to all life,
regardless of the circumstances

Shield the young and vulnerable from the abuse of power
We ask for mercy and forgiveness for us
when we have sinned against God and man


I have seen with my own eyes
I have heard with my own ears
I have felt with my whole heart
what it is to be beloved

Thank You, Lord, for everything
You have done for me
what You have said
and what You have shown me

I thank You, most of all,
for the gift of love and true friendship
These are the gifts which last forever
The only gifts that matter

Lord, You are My Beloved
Saint John, the beloved disciple – pray for us


Let the skies rain down peace on earth
as angels sing Alleluia!
Peace on earth
God has kept His promise to be with us

Today a child is born who brings salvation to the nations
Bless us O Lord
Make us into Your holy people
May the peace and love of Christ reign in our hearts and homes
Today and every day, forever and ever


Today we wait for the birth of Christ
God came into the world
as a weak and vulnerable baby

When we look after the weak – we become strong
Lord, help us to take care of the fragile
and needy people in our lives – the young and the elderly

Let us answer their cries for help
with love, compassion and tenderness
May all babies be loved as much as Jesus was loved

Through the birth of Christ
we pray to be humbly reborn
into the life of Christ


Thank You so much Lord for being with us, always
You never forget us or lose track of where we are
Your constant love is our source of great joy
No one knows what is in my heart, only God knows
I am never lonely because I know You are with me

Your love is more valuable than all worldly wealth
Your love is more beautiful than the most treasured possessions
Your love is generously given to everyone
Your invitation to be with You is extended to all of us
through the coming of Our Lord Jesus

O Emmanuel – we pray to be with You always


You are a King who rules with justice
Come Lord, come with Your message of peace
Draw us close to You

Bring Your Kingdom when You come
Come Lord Jesus come
Come and save us
God help us today and every day


O Rising Sun, fill my eyes
with Your Divine Sunshine
Let me see my way
through all the darkness

Your love fills the vast expanse
of empty space
Show us the beauty
of Your peace and grace
For ever and ever


O Key to our freedom, open the door
and set us free
Let the light of love enter into our hearts
and dispel the fear of darkness

Lord, You are Key to solving
the mystery of life and death
Just as light removes darkness
so freedom eliminates slavery

You, Lord, are the Key which unlocks the prison gates
You set us free
Our lives escape from the oppression of tyrannical evil

O Key of David, come and set us free
Come to us, be with us, and stay with us
Bring hope, healing and freedom into our lives
Today and everyday hereafter


O Lord, Ruler of the world, take us into Your care
Take us home with You
Shelter us under Your wings
Show the world Your Justice and rule over us

O Lord, stretch out Your arm and save us from harm
Look kindly on Your humble servant
Show mercy and draw me closer to You
I am safe when my life is in Your hands


O Wisdom, come into our hearts and minds
Fill us with the joy of knowing who You are,
Lord Jesus, Son of Man and Son of God

O Wisdom, teach us who we are
O Wisdom, teach us about our past
and the culture we came from
O Wisdom, teach us how to live a life of purity and holiness

Lord, make us worthy to receive You through the wisdom
of Your Holy Spirit today and every day
Bring us closer and closer to You and life ever after
A life of peace and eternal happiness


My expectations from life are not always fulfilled
the way I would like them to be
The path of life takes many unexpected turns
and can leave us feeling lost and abandoned

God’s expectations for us are very high
Through the waters of baptism
we are given great opportunities to succeed
We pray for the strength of faith that is needed
for us to carry out God’s purpose

God loves us so much that He gives us
a free hand to do what we like
Let us not be afraid
to try harder to live the dream

In a perfect world
love and peace reign supreme
We pray to God for the gifts of eternal love
and everlasting peace


The Lord Our God makes His presence known in the world
God heals
God speaks words of kindness and mercy
God draws to Himself all who are sick, lost and afflicted
His presence is powerful, glorious and eternal

Lord, come into my life
and strengthen my faith with Your presence
Our God of love is a God of peace
He rules the earth with a mighty hand
and brings justice and a glorious peace into the world


No matter what my original intentions are
I can always change my mind
I may intend to do the right thing
but then, do the opposite

I may decide to do something wrong
and change my mind at the last minute
Lord, when I change my mind – make it the right decision

Lord, when I have a good intention,
help me to keep it and carry it out in practice
Lord, You have given us a free will
We are capable of change

O Lord Jesus, I am trying to live up to Your standards
but when I fail – please forgive me
Help me to try again and again until I succeed

Saint John of the Cross - pray for us


God is the author of life itself
The Word of God carries great authority
It is God who sees with far-seeing eyes
I trust in God’s vision for me

God’s is the only authority to trust
God’s word is truth
God’s wisdom is infinite and everlasting
Lord, help me to know and understand the truth
and wisdom of the authority of God


My eyes are closed
I am asleep
I cannot see what is going on around me
I am incapable of helping anyone

Open my eyes, Lord
Wake up my soul with love
Help me to see the truth
Give me the wisdom to know who You are

Turn my face towards You
Let my eyes see the glorious radiance of God’s love
Then I will understand what I must do
Help me to be strong

Make me more aware of the suffering and pain
of being alone in this world
Lord, we pray Your coming into the world
brings lasting peace


Lord, we pray to be true to ourselves
To know who we are and act accordingly
Strengthen the core of our being through faith and love
As we place all our hope in You

Only You can lead us to the truth
of knowing love in its purest form
Do not let us be fooled into believing
the ways of other people are better or worse than ours

Only God knows the truth
Because God is pure love
We draw closer to God through
the truth of Jesus – the Word of God made flesh


God and man became One
through the coming of Jesus into the world
God kept His promise
to send a Saviour

A saviour came to rescue us
through the powerful intervention of God
We believe we have a purpose to carry out
and a destiny that is written down by the hand of God

The Word of God was made flesh
And lived among us for a reason
Peace is the goal of Our Lord
He brings peace to a violent and troubled world

We pray for an end to war
And the beginning of a lasting peace on earth


Holy Spirit, creator of all that is pure and beautiful
Come to us on this special day
As we remember the Immaculate Conception of Mary
Mary, Mother of God – pray for us

God became Man and lived among us
Through the courage and goodness of Our Lady
Help us to welcome God into our lives – every day
May the Spirit of God, creator of beauty and truth enter our hearts and minds

Help us become wise, loving, faithful
To follow the example of Our Blessed Mother Mary
On this feast day celebration of her
Immaculate Conception


The Lord Our God knows each and every one of us
He knows where we are
And why we are lost
Our Lord comes to find us

Lord, lead us gently by the hand
Calm our fears
Guide us to a peaceful place
Where we can find rest

Let us raise our eyes upwards
And look out for the Lord
He is coming to save us

What joy there is when we are found!
And return to the safety of Our Father’s loving arms
Happiness reigns supreme within our hearts and all around us
Lord, we pray to stay close to You, always


This is a time of change
Sadness disappears
Sorrow becomes joy
Happiness is the word written on our hearts
It cannot be contained
It leaps out into the distance

Love changes us
It makes everything beautiful
It is time for us to change
Allow peace to enter our lives
May our intentions be to bring about peaceful change

It is time to deepen our faith
Focus on becoming close to God through Jesus Our Lord
These are turbulent times
Let us look for an oasis of peace
And find the time to pray

We pray for healing
We pray for peace
It is time to make changes to our lives


All the times we cried tears of despair – the Lord heard us
He always answers our prayers
We pray to hear Your gentle voice behind us,
at our side and, at times, in front of us
Guide us, Lord, in the right direction

All the times we heard the cries of distress
we knew God was with us
He lays His gentle hands on us and cures our illnesses
He takes away our pain and suffering
He finds us when we are lost

He sends good people, who are skilled and knowledgeable,
to help the sick, disabled, lonely and dying
The Lord comes with almighty power
Let us prepare ourselves to receive Him
into our hearts


The day will come when we will glorify the Lord
The darkness of sin will disappear
And we shall see the beauty of God
Lord, restore the purity of our souls

Change us and make us new again
Renew our faith with every passing day
We sing and we pray because our hearts are filled with wonder
at the great glory of God

God promises to be with us always
We pray to see, hear and understand the Word of God
made flesh and living among us
We thank God for the gifts of sight and sound


I thank You, Lord, for You always listen to my prayer
I ask for Your gift of wisdom
Wisdom underpins faith and makes me strong
I pray to stand at Your gates and ask to be let in

I come looking for You – and You find me
I knock on Your door and You hear me
There is great joy and happiness
within the gates of Your Kingdom

You are my Rock, my stronghold
On You I depend for everything
I pray to build a strong faith which is made visible
to the whole world

My life belong to You, Lord
Every day of my life is my prayer to You


What joy there is in finding a hidden treasure!
That is the moment the glory of God is revealed
in all its goodness, kindness, mercy and compassion
Lord, do not let us hide these gifts from each other

You are the greatest treasure of all
because You reveal to us the hidden face of God
Lord, I ask You to heal the sick and feed the hungry
Because no suffering is hidden from Your eyes


What joy it is to experience endless peace!
The peace that comes from placing all our trust in God
The happiness, that everyone searches for,
suddenly springs into being
and becomes attainable at last

The day is coming when peace will come
and stay in our lives forever
Blessed be that endless day of peace

Today we ask Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland, to pray for us



I believe in God
The One who made me into the person I am
God of peace and giver of love
Fountain of mercy
God of healing
God of forgiveness
I believe in You

You protect me, shield me from danger and harm
God of glory and God of beauty
The joy of a hopeful morning
The peace of a restful night

God of healing
God of forgiveness
I believe in You


It is when times are hard
that my faith is tested
I pray for the strength
to survive hardship and distress

But it is when times are easy
that temptation enters the scene
I look around
and there are difficult choices to be made

Lord, in order for me to live a life of goodness
I need You to be with me, to protect me,
at all times


Lord, I must stand straight
and look upwards to You
I am certain in the knowledge
That, although everything appears to be lost,
Your goodness and love will never pass away

You are with me always, in my waking life
and in my dreaming night
Everything I do, praises and gives glory to You
Nothing good ever passes away for ever


Lord Jesus, protect the innocent
Just like You, they are blameless
Let Your mercy shine down on them from heaven
and take away all fear

I am not afraid of the future
Everything is in Your hands, Lord
I trust in the mercy and goodness of God
and this trust will set me free from the debilitating effects of fear


Lord, You hold my breath in Your hands
You bring my life under Your control
I give You my heart, body and soul

Give me the strength to endure hardship, loss and distress
Breathe for me when I cannot breathe
Speak for me when I cannot speak

Take my hands
and make them instruments in carrying out Your will and purpose
here on earth, today and always


Nothing on this earth lasts forever
except the love of God
Nothing is under my control
except for the love that lives within my soul

Love saves and love is everlasting
Your Kingdom, Lord, is created from love
and cannot be destroyed by anything on earth
It may appear that all is lost,
but love will always shine through


One small act of kindness can mean a great deal
in the order of Your Kingdom, Lord
Lord Jesus, keep me close to You,
so that everything I do is motivated by loving kindness

Every single act of goodness and generosity
has an effect on the world
Lord, bring together, into one offering, all the goodness and kindness
and multiply it many times
through the eternal power of Your love


Lord Jesus, without hope I am lost
and feel forsaken
But with the gift of endless hope and optimism
I am alive to joy

We are all alive in God
and through You, Lord, we have proof of the resurrection of the dead
Life is full of joy and hope
because God is an eternal presence

Hope brings its own reward
Love everlasting
Never lose hope


Lord, I pray for the strength and courage I need
to keep my faith alive
I pray to unite myself to You
and never be tempted away from Your presence

You are deep inside my heart
and that is the place where prayer comes from
I pray with all my heart for love to conquer all that is bad
Lord, turn my face away from the sadness
caused by a profound lack of love in this world


Lord Jesus, Son of Man and Son of God,
You shed tears of disappointment
over our acts of foolishness and failure

But regardless of Your disappointment in us,
You still preach the message of peace
You, Lord, are the eternal bringer of peace and reconciliation
Let us take the opportunity to step back
from what we are doing wrong and ask ourselves
whether we will always be a disappointment to God

Lord, we pray for Your forgiveness


One thing we can be absolutely certain of
is that, one day, we will die
We will go back to the beginning
from whence we came

We pray to live a good, holy and productive life
A life lived with no regrets
because we aligned our wills
to the will of God

Through You, Lord Jesus, we see Your courage
and in the light of Your certainty,
all roads lead us back
to God Our Maker, Our Father in Heaven


Every soul is worth saving
in life and in death
Every soul searches for something other than
that which is on offer in this world

No search is fruitless
No effort to find the truth is in vain
I pray to save my own soul
and the souls of others
whose intention is to return to God Our Maker

We all need the help of God’s grace
to save souls


How can I forget Your goodness, Lord?
I see Your healing hands at work everywhere I care to look
The sight of Your loving kindness is overwhelmingly good,
true and beautiful

It is best to look for the good in everyone
When I dwell on the bad things that people do,
it makes me sad
Lord, lift my eyes towards You
and I will see only Your goodness everywhere
I look around me


Lord Jesus, You are the Word of God
Existing before the creation of time
And persisting throughout all the generations,
past, present and to come

You are the all-powerful Word
The means by which we communicate with God
and with each other
I pray to hear the Word of God

I pray to speak the words God longs to hear
The Word of God is love indeed
and lasts forever
and ever


Who can unlock the mysteries of life and death?
Nature takes its course
But we are guided by the hand of God

Lord Jesus, we are created to be beautiful and truthful
We give glory and thanks to God Our Maker
We pray for all those who search for life’s meaning
We ask for enough wisdom to understand
our purpose in life


God’s Spirit of Wisdom surpasses all thoughts, deeds
and actions created by us
Wisdom leads us to greater things
even beyond the scope of our imagination

Listen with the spirit and we will hear the breath of God
Wisdom is silent
Wisdom is all pervading
I pray for the power of wisdom
to permeate every fibre of my being
and, maybe then, I might become wise


God has the world’s most powerful gifts in His hands
One of those gifts is the gift of healing
I pray for all who need the touch
of God’s healing hands

I pray for those who are capable of doing good for others
Let them do everything they can to heal the sick and offer hope
to those afflicted by, seemingly, incurable illnesses


Lord, let there always be a place for me
in your blessed and sacred sanctuary
May Your angel guide me to a place
of reverence and prayer
Where all we have to do is ask for help
and You will take us into your everlasting care

Lord Jesus Christ, You are the living temple to which we flow
Like a river bringing our joys and our woes
Our anxieties and our fears flowing into a vale of tears

Let our words of wonder and praise come to You
in this place where we give praise and thanks
for all Your goodness
For ever


Life is a far cry from death
Sometimes, only a sigh away from the final breath
No one knows when that time will come
Only God knows

God watches over every heart, soul and spirit
Lord, keep my faith strong in times of grief, loss and separation
Your love keeps me alive
Wisdom makes me aware of how important my life is


Lord, I know You want me to do well
You trust me to succeed
I have to live up to Your expectations of me
You can see into my heart
and You know whether I can be trusted

Faith is a great reward
as well as being a great responsibility
Lord, bless me and strengthen my faith
Trust me as I place all my trust in You


Lord, help me to use all my skills and resources
to fulfil Your purpose
Remind me that You have made me
in Your image and likeness

I am a person of value
My purpose in life is to serve You
When I look around me I see many possibilities
for future change, growth and development
With Your help, and the help and support of others
I will become useful to You


The sun rises breathing life into a sleeping world
God’s light wakes all that has died in this world
and brings new life into body, soul and spirit
There is great joy in being alive

That which was thought lost has been found again
The one who left me is still with me
When I open my heart to see the joy of another new morning
I rejoice and thank God through Jesus Our Lord


Love is a gift from God, given freely
and received gratefully
The more we love
the more love we receive in return

Love enables us to deal with trials and tribulations
Love strengthens us to overcome all challenges
Love shields us from all harm
We feel loved because we are loved
Thanks be to God for the great gift of love


I pray to communicate with You, Lord,
soul to soul, spirit to spirit, heart to heart
Listen to the invitation
and accept the path that has been laid out before me

By the help of God’s grace
I pray in alignment with the truth and beauty of God’s purpose
My soul is at peace
wherever I am, whatever condition I am in
because we communicate with one another
through the gift of prayer

All the souls of the departed – pray for us


Once a gift is given,
it cannot be taken back
And putting a price on a gift
means we expect the same amount in return

The only valuable gifts are the ones given freely
with no hope or expectation of repayment
It is an honour and a privilege to give gifts
God honours us with the gifts He gives us freely
through Jesus, His Beloved Son


Lord, help us to behave in such a way
that You are proud of us
and who we are

May the whole world see
that we are following Your example
The measure of importance is in our behaviour
and not in our status

Only Your opinion counts, Lord
I pray my importance comes from my humility
and not from my own mistaken sense of pride


Lord, I pray to do the right thing always
Enable me to make decisions
in line with Your thinking

I need all the help I can get
to get through this life
without causing harm

Bless everyone who fights the good fight
Because goodness is always rewarded by God


God’s love is with me, day and night
throughout the whole of my life
God is with me, at my side,
supporting and encouraging me
as I walk along my way

May God work through me,
making my actions reflect the everlasting power of God’s love
A life with God is a life filled with
the wonder of beauty and truth
And of knowing Jesus Christ is Lord

Saints Simon and Jude – pray for us


The Light of Your Holy Spirit, Lord,
enables me to see the way to God’s Kingdom
Sometimes, the light shines brightly
making the pathway clear

Other times my eyes are dimmed
and I can only feel my way
through memory, instinct and intuition

Lord, You clarify my purpose in life
through the light of Your love
I give glory to God’s Holy Spirit


It is patience that teaches me
how to handle the gift of time
It is with patience I wait to understand
the significance of spending time
in prayer with You, Lord

Time is precious
My actions fill the space around me
I have to determine what to do to build
a time where the Kingdom of God
occupies all the time and space around me


My spirit is connected with Yours, Lord,
through God Our Father
God’s love unites us all
to make us strong in faith and courage

Strong enough to stand up straight
and gaze upwards towards heaven
and cry out for help

And help will come
because God saves us through the gift of healing
Blessed be the One who heals and saves us


Every breath is a cry for help
when the body is sick, mentally and physically
Holy Spirit, breathe for me
and fill me with spiritual health and well being

I pray to ask for spiritual gifts instead of unspiritual things
Your Spirit, Lord, takes me by the hand and makes me well
I become well enough to thrive in times of neglect
God gives me another chance to turn my life around
as I pray for God’s help


Lord, so many things happen
which are beyond my control
Even with the benefit of prior knowledge
I am unable to avoid them

There is not much I can do
But You, Lord, have everything in Your hands
I hand over my life to You
and I know I am in good hands

Lord, take care of me when I cannot
and make good use of my life

Saint Pope John Paul II - pray for us


Lord, bring an end to division
and let there be peace
Where there is no love
there is division

People live apart from one another
separated by an absence of love
Lord, Your love brings us together
I take shelter in the protection of Your love

I accept the presence of division
and I pray for love to bring us all
a lasting peace


It is by the help of Your grace, Lord,
that I do right by You
It becomes as natural to me
as all my physical senses

I know, instinctively, what is right
and what is wrong
Through the gift of Your grace

Your grace, Lord, helps and guides me
along the path of righteousness
that leads me straight towards You


I pray for God’s grace to help me adapt
to my changing circumstances
Acceptance is the first step to making changes
which are necessary in order to live a good life

I stand, already aware that change must come
I ask for Your abundant gift of grace
to fill me with courage and readiness to accept
and adapt to great changes all around me


No one knows the date and time of death
No one has to convince me that the time to die will come
So it is wise to be ready
and live every day to the fullest of my capability

But also, at the same time, prepare myself to return to God
Lord, enrich my soul in ways beyond my imagination,
so that the path to eternal life
becomes smooth and straightforward

Saint Luke - pray for us


Faith is a gift given freely to us
through God’s Holy Spirit
I pray to cherish this gift
and keep it close to my heart

Every word of mine becomes a prayer
driven by the Holy Spirit
Send words, Lord, to encourage and support all of us
who are in need of help and healing


It is my faith in You, Lord, that keeps me strong
You protect me from harm
I know You are alongside me
through all my troubles and distress

You alone are the source of my happiness
Keep my eyes focussed on You, Lord,
Help all who heal the sick and make them strong in faith
You love each and every one of us
Saint Teresa of Avila – pray for us


I can learn from past mistakes, Lord,
with the help of Your grace
I can draw wisdom from past history
and apply it to the present

Lord, do not let me take what is bad into my future
Help me to leave behind all that disturbs me
and takes away my peace

Allow me to build my future
on love, mercy and forgiveness
I am in Your hands, Lord


God is the best judge
God is fair and impartial
Only God sees everything – everything that is good
and everything that is bad

Only God is in the position to judge
We judge according to our best or worst principles
We can be right or wrong
So, let us leave the judgement to the best
and only judge – God, Our Father in Heaven


Both good and bad deeds are visible to the human eye
But no one can see what we are thinking or planning to do
Under the cover of darkness
we think we have escaped from view

Only God sees our thoughts and intentions
Let us act as if everything hidden and acted on in secret
is on display
Then, with the help of God’s grace
we will stop causing harm around us


The best I can do with my life is to make it holy
A life of holiness is better than a million words
It is my duty to make it known that Jesus Christ is the One
who leads all of us to holiness

God’s sign is Jesus Christ made Man – human and divine
at the same time
I know Jesus lives in me
And I in Him


Lord, You lead me out of the cold darkness
and into the warmth of Your everlasting light
Home is the place that draws me close to You, Lord

A place of safety
A place of peace
Where, together, we climb the holy mountain of prayer

I ask God to bless my heart and my home
Make it a warm place of welcome
My heart and my spirit dwell within my home


The power of God is immense and everlasting
I believe in Divine Providence
God’s mercy is boundless and without end
God judges everything with an even hand

Nothing escapes the eyes of the Lord
I believe in Divine Retribution
Every bad deed returns to haunt the perpetrator
Just as every good deed is rewarded
by God Our Father in Heaven


The Rosary is a prayer of love and beauty
Prayed with all my heart for a special intention
My hands stretched out in front of me
In an act of supplication

I see long stemmed red roses in my hands
The colour of warmth and sunlight
No longer outstretched in hopefulness
But raised high in an act of thankfulness

My hand is held by a beautiful lady
The Blessed Mother of all creation
I hold out a single rose and ask her
To give it to Jesus, her Beloved Son

Whenever I cry, each tear becomes a rose
Every rose turns into a prayer
All prayers are always heard
We are forever in Our Lady’s care


Lord, do not let me give in to life’s temptations
Protect me from danger and harm
God Our Father forgives over and over again
There is no limit to God’s mercy and forgiveness

Joy is the order of the day
The joy of taking part in God’s Plan
The joy of praying through Jesus Our Lord
to God Our Father in Heaven
over and over again


Lord, help me to put aside the worried and anxieties of life
and concentrate on listening to You
The path to God is a straightforward one

If I attend to the sound of Your voice, Lord,
I will always find myself on the right track
I pray to be attentive to the Word of God
through Jesus Our Lord

Saint Sister Faustina - pray for us



Lord, I pray I do not attach myself to anyone or anything
so much that I lose sight of You
As I walk along the path of life I see many wonderful sights
I thank God for the wonder of God’s creation

I pray my eyes are open to see all the little ones
who need our help
Lord, protect the young, the weak and the vulnerable
Surround them with Your love and care

Show us how to labour on their behalf
We pray to serve God always
Through the love and mercy of Our Lord Jesus

Saint Francis of Assisi – pray for us


I plead for help
and God rescues me
I am not going to perish
because God sees my plight, my pain and my torment

Let us pray for the lost that they may seek help
God helps anyone and everyone who is needy
But first we need courage to accept
the situation we have put ourselves in
and search for a way out

God rescues the poor, the needy
and the broken hearted


Prayer saves the lost soul
The lost soul who searches for all the wrong things in all the wrong places
The lost soul who has turned away from God
and refuses to listen to God

The lost soul hurts others out of anger and jealousy
I believe no soul is lost while ever there is a breath in the body
and room in the heart for a complete turnaround
Then the heart of the soul is no longer lost
because love has come in

Saint Therese of Lisieux – pray for us


God wants me to enjoy every moment of life
Perpetual joy exists in a heart that trusts completely in God
I am free to enjoy myself
because God gives me a peaceful and beautiful life

I enjoy listening to the Word of God
I love to understand the wisdom of Your Word
Every day becomes a day of enjoyment
in the presence of God

I pray with joy in my heart
to be in God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven


Rays of light and grace shine down on us from heaven
Angels and saints pray for us
Peace and happiness flow down on us from on high
Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael – pray for us

Keep us safe from all danger and harm
Protect us and shelter us from the storm
May God send His angels to watch over us and guide us
We raise our eyes towards heaven and see the sun in all its glory
Our faces glow from the warmth of feeling sure that God loves us

God loves us so much He sends
His beautiful and powerful Archangels
to watch over us


Lord, help us to accept that things do not always go our way
Troubles affect our lives
We have to face difficulties
And deal with the hurt caused by rejection

Merciful Lord Jesus, You are so very kind and forgiving
Your living example of acceptance
teaches us how to accept God’s will
Do not let us dwell in sadness
Do not allow anger to penetrate our hearts

Instead, let us accept our lot and strive to move on
There is always a new way to do things
Let us pray to be open to the possibility of change
And achieve the goal of a peaceful life


Lord, You speak to me in so many different ways
I have much to learn about life, love and forgiveness
Teach me how to take my position
and keep me close to You

For Your hand steadies me, protects me from harm
and points me in the right direction
Life can be complex and difficult to understand
But with You, life is very simple and straightforward


Lord, I see Your protection all around me
Shielding me from pain and suffering
I rejoice because I am safe
I am held within Your powerful hands

Lord, there are many things I cannot see
and will never understand
But I trust in Your vision
You, who see everything, help me to see something
that makes sense of everything to me


What have I done so far in my life?
How have I used my gifts to serve God?
There comes a time to reassess where I am going
and what am I going to do with the rest of my life

Who am I to God?
Lord, You are with me, always
You are the living Christ of God
Guide me and give me the courage to serve You
all the days of my life

Our Lady of Walsingham – pray for us


There is a time to reflect on life
and how it is going
How close am I to God?
How important is God to me?

Lord, I owe You everything
All that I have
and all that I will ever have
I know You are with me, Lord

Because of You, all my stresses and anxieties of life
melt away and disappear
Peace is the gift You give to me, Lord
Peace be with us all in the name of the Lord Jesus


God is with us in everything we say and do
In the good times and in the bad times
God is with us,
giving us the strength to go on

God is with us
throughout our sadness and disappointments
God is merciful and forgiving

That is why every day is a thank You gift to God
for all our blessings
Lord, we ask You to heal us
and to have mercy on us


The day begins with a greeting to God the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit
Let us greet one another accordingly,
with love and respect

Then we acknowledge we have wronged God
and one another, knowingly or unknowingly
But we say sorry, anyway

That is how You ask us to live and love each other
We all belong to Your family
Lord, bring us together with Your blessing

Saint Matthew – pray for us


By offering everything I have to God
I gain everything in return
God is with me, always
I am here to serve God

I pray to hear and understand the will of God
I am responsible for my life and how I live it
I choose to know, love and serve God
in the best way possible

Lord, Your light shows up everything
My light needs to shine like Your light
Day and night
And forever


If I follow Your example, Lord,
I will have all the courage I need
to live a good and productive life

By the help of Your grace,
my heart is open to hear Your Word
and act accordingly

The greatest and most noble Being in the universe is God
I pray to have a noble and generous heart
through the love and grace of Jesus Our Lord


In order to keep my faith strong,
I have to work hard on it
Lord, help me to be patient, kind and gentle at all times
especially when I am tempted by the values of this world

My faith teaches me the real value of life – a life of truth
and beauty which belongs, at all times, to God
I pray with all the resources I have to be close to You, Lord,
and serve You till the end of my days
and always


Thank You, Lord, for the gift of prayer
Through prayer we are united in life
and in death

Thank You, Lord, for the great gifts of
Love and forgiveness
Through love we learn to know
how God works in us to do good

Thank You, Lord, for all the spiritual gifts I receive,
those I know about
and those which I have yet to discover
how to put to best use


When I am lost
and I do not know what to think or do
I turn to You, Lord
You are the truth of God

You draw me to Yourself
and give me wisdom through Your Holy Spirit
No one loses their way through life
when the light of God’s truth shines in front of them

It is impossible to go wrong
I pray to be close to You, Lord

Our Lady of Sorrows – pray for us


Lord, You died on the tree of life
You died to give us all eternal life
We are all forgiven by virtue of Your mercy
Your patience with us is immense

Your goodness is everlasting
You are the triumphant testimony of the great love God has
for each and every one of us
All we have to do is to be sorry for our sins
and ask for God’s forgiveness


Lord Jesus, I pray that through Your goodness
I learn how to be patient, kind, trusting
and obedient to Your will

We are all asked to do something for God
I pray to serve God
in the ways God has chosen for me

It is through listening
in prayerful peace and quiet
that we learn the will of God


Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner
Unite my will with Yours
and make me strong in my faith

The human will is easily swayed
and pulled into the wrong way of doing things
It is then we need Your help, Lord
Pick us up and set us back on the right track

At times my will is weakened
through sorrow and distress
At other times, I am distracted from following Your will
And I make wrong choices

There are many excuses for my weakness of will
Lord, You know me through my heart
I pray for Your love to sustain me
through the difficult times of temptation in my life


Lord, the truth of Your love
is everywhere to be seen
Open the eyes of my heart to see
all Your goodness around me

It is a beautiful world,
marred only by our inability
to see Your truth

Have mercy on me, a sinner
I pray to be a better person, constantly


Peace comes out of love
Love comes from God
Love is the breath of life
Through which we sing praise
to the glory of God

Lord, show me how to love
without holding back
To love with a sincere and open heart
is truly a great gift from God

May the peace of God reign supreme
over all of us,
today and always


Today we celebrate the birth of Our Lady, Mother of God
We thank God for her being
We pray to follow her example
And through her become close to God

May God work His will through our hands,
our hearts, our minds and words
We realize we have a purpose to fulfill
We ask God for the help of His Blessed Mother
She sees all those who need God’s help the most

Our Lady, intercede for us
Pray for us
Help us to live out our destiny
according to the will of God


Lord God, Your power is immense
I pray to ask You to help me to do Your will
When I am sick and in trouble I turn to You
and ask for healing

Your power heals, in ways
beyond my imagination and understanding
I am not perfect, Lord
But I am trying my best


Lord, help me to make up for lost time
There have been many times
I have not been listening to You
But You have helped me to stop and listen

You taught me what it is to be healed
And what is important in life
By listening to You, Lord, I learn the right way to be
Regardless of what others may say or think or do
I follow You


Lord, it is good to know You forgive us
Good to be close to You
Good to listen to Your voice
Good to receive Your mercy
Good to be peaceful
To know for certain that You love us, constantly

There is nothing new under the sun
God’s love is eternal
And the old and the new become One
Through You, Lord Jesus Christ


Wisdom is the gift of the Holy Spirit
God is with us from the beginning of time
and will be there at the end also
Everything joins together in perfect harmony
and makes sense through the Word of God

Lord Jesus, every word You say is wise
We pray to learn these wise words
and put them into practice
We are One Body in Christ


God calls us in a special and individual way
His word reaches our ears and we hear what He is saying
We pray for spiritual enlightenment
And the wisdom to understand the Word of God

It is success which makes us feel good and worthwhile
God is in our successful actions
It is failure which teaches us humility and acceptance
God is with us
making His presence felt when we do not know what to do

Call me, Lord, whether I am successful or a failure
I will try my best to learn how to follow Your will
to the ends of the earth
and till the end of time


Lord Jesus, You have brought us together
and made us into one people
We are the people who belong to God
in this world and the next

Through You, Lord, I learn to pray
I pray for healing for all who are sick in mind, body and spirit
Lay Your hands upon my head, Lord
I pray for healing and I pray for forgiveness


Lord, we have become accustomed to all the noise around us
There is hardly a time in the day to enjoy the peace and quiet
We can get lost in a world dominated by activity and sound
Lord Jesus, You are the message of peace

When we are with You we are silent and at peace
Your peace stills our frantic thoughts, worries and anxieties
You prepare us for a world fraught with fear of oncoming disaster
Bring us Your peace, Lord

We pray to strive for a quiet life of prayer
among all the noise and bustle of our busy lives


When times are hard
and sadness overwhelms me
I remember that we all come from God
and we all go back to God
Lord, my grief is short lived

I have no doubt that God is always with me
In the darkness and in the light
When people turn against me
I stand up for the truth
and I am not afraid to walk away
from sadness and disappointment


Sometimes it is as if we are working alone in the dark
It is then, Lord, we need to feel Your presence among us
We need Your support and encouragement
To keep us loyal to our faith

We need to work hard every day to make our faith strong and healthy
If we continue to work faithfully every day, despite the difficulties,
we will build Your Kingdom, O Lord

We cannot always see or feel the benefits of our labour
So we need strong faith in God to work hard
to develop a spiritual life of peace and happiness
We pray to love one another and to work for each other
Saint Augustine – pray for us


No part of life is written in stone
There is a need for adaptation to changing circumstances
God’s love is solid and unchanging
I rely on God’s Plan

I trust in Divine Providence
If I keep my eyes firmly set on You, Lord,
I will always be awake and ready
to greet You when the time comes for me to die


There is great comfort in knowing
the joy that is soon to come
For in the midst of suffering, a light shines
to signify that Jesus comes to be with us
Let us comfort one another
with words of solace and hope

The time of uncertainty is over
I know You are alive, Lord
Your love comforts me, always


I pray to do what is right by God Our Father
May I learn, day by day, what it is to be greatly loved
Lord, You have entrusted me with life itself
It is a joy to be alive

God’s message is clear
Good acts come from good intentions
Good intentions come from a heart filled with love
Love of God and love of our fellow human beings


A good deed is always rewarded
But once a course of hurtful action is taken
it cannot be undone
God rewards good works in God’s own time not mine

Lord, You see everything under the sun
You see me struggle at times
but do not let me give up or give in
My reward is to be found always in Your Resurrection
Saint Bartholomew- pray for us


Lord, You are the Word of God
Your words are true and holy
Your intentions and actions are one and the same
Teach us how to live in the truth of God
Enlighten our minds so we think about
the effects our actions have on the people around us

Everything that comes from God is sacred
and worthy of great respect
We belong to God
May God bless our daily work

Let the truth shine out into the world
through the words we speak and the things we do
We pray to learn the wisdom
that comes from Sacred Scripture
Through the Word of God


I pray to be worthy to be in the sight of God
Be merciful to me, O Lord, for I am unable to see myself
the way others see me
I only care about how You see me now

Open my eyes to see my faults and misdemeanours
Help me to remove them from Your sight

Teach me, Lord, how to serve You humbly and lovingly
Turn Your eyes towards me
and bless the work I do
All the days of my life


Love unites us in life
and in death
Love walks hand in hand
with truth and beauty

Love takes us to the place where we want to be
Lord, do not let fear or jealousy separate us
from those we love

It is a great gift to be loved
It is an even greater gift to love


God calls us to be willing participants in His Plan
I place all my trust in Divine Providence

God prepares a feast for us
and invites us to become One with Him in the Body of Christ
Each time I receive Jesus I hear the words, “I love you”
I listen and I reply, “I love You, Lord”
Thank You for the love of Jesus Christ Our Lord


Lord, You choose the weak and You make us strong
You choose the last and make us first
You choose those who do not step forward to be chosen
You choose the quiet ones over the ones who shout the loudest

You offer everyone the chance to be treated equally and fairly
It is our choice to agree with Your choice
Lord, You are loving, just, fair and generous
We choose to follow You along the path of Your choosing

Lord, help us to see solutions to our problems
which speak of our choice to belong to You
We choose to work for You, Lord,
to build Your Kingdom here on earth


Lord, You do not abandon me in my time of trouble and distress
You are nearer to me than ever before
You tell me to be strong
You reassure me that You will always be with me

Lord, with You life is peaceful
All paths lead to God Our Father in Heaven
No one knows when their time will come
One day I shall see You, face to face


Every day I wish to walk along the right path
To be led by my heart and not by my head
The world has a way of taking over our thoughts and intentions
We have to guard against the temptations of worldly gain

It is through genuine acts of goodness
that we find ourselves walking along the right path
Every day, with the help of God’s grace


We pray to serve God with an open heart
and a trusting spirit
We owe our very existence to God
and God takes care of us in every way

In God’s Kingdom we live in faith, hope
and loving service
It is an honour and a blessing to serve You, Lord,
through taking care of the little ones
who cannot take care of themselves

Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe – pray for us


God’s love is a love that never ends
A love so powerful
and yet so gentle, kind and caring
The love of God unites us
through Jesus, His Beloved Son

A generous love is given without constraints or conditions

Only God’s love is without end
Our love on earth is finite
but love in the Kingdom of Heaven is infinite
and never ending


Lord, You can do that which is impossible for us
You have the gift of perfect forgiveness
A mercy and compassion that knows no bounds
A love that is not conditional on our actions
A love that enables us to overcome all difficulties

Yours is a peaceful love that flows like a river through the fertile soil
And produces crops of amazing abundance
When we behave badly and withhold our love, mercy and forgiveness
We become a huge disappointment to You

We pray to let go of our anger and resentment
and learn to forgive wholeheartedly instead
We pray for a peaceful life
filled with the joy of unconditional love


When we look at one another, face to face,
we can see the truth
if we look hard enough
Love finds a way to communicate
through the eyes of the soul

I pray, one day, I will look upon Your face, Lord,
and my heart will be filled with joy everlasting
There is nothing more beautiful
than the loving truth
Saint Clare – pray for us


Lord, give us the courage
to change the way we view our lives
Help us to look with fresh eyes
and recognise the true worth of those around us

We are capable of change
We should not be afraid
to face the challenges of each day
with fresh energy and vigour

Let us see the beauty and truth
in the eyes of the weak and vulnerable
and help them, always


We are no strangers to God
God knows us through and through
God welcomes each and every one of us
with open arms
And our hearts should be open
to welcome the stranger too

Love knows no boundaries
Love does not abandon us
when we have lost our way
The love of God extends beyond all the barriers created by us
For God, there are no strangers


Only faith can make the impossible happen
Lord, give me a faith so strong
it can move mountains
A faith that heals the afflicted

A faith that takes away pain and suffering
A faith that works through hearts filled with love
A faith that serves God
and a faith that lasts forever


The light of God’s love changes everything
It starts deep within our hearts
and slowly rises to the surface
like the rising of the sun

Every day is a new sunrise
and a chance for us to see the love of God
in all its glory and magnificence
It changes darkness into light

May the light of God’s love enter our hearts
and stay there forever


When times are hard, faith sustains us
When we thirst for truth and knowledge
faith leads us to know God through Jesus His Son
When we are afraid we have lost our way,
faith assures us that God is always with us

Faith is the rock on which our lives depend
for strength, endurance and perseverance
Lord, I pray for a strong faith


Lord, I pray for a faith so strong and so great
that no one can take it away from me
No doubts or fears will fill my mind
Instead, hope and optimism will be my guides

I put everything into Your hands, Lord,
because I trust You greatly
Lord, please give me the gift of Great Faith


Lord, we pray for courage
There are many brave things we could do for You
if we only had more faith
Encourage us, Lord, to come to You
when You call us

Give us the courage to persist and the determination to succeed
regardless of the difficulty of the task
Lord, You give us a purpose
by asking us to follow You

We pray for the courage to work ceaselessly for You
and never give up trying
Do not let our fears overcome our courage


Lord, things happen that cause us to feel sad
Some happen by chance
Some are caused by people, deliberately or accidentally
Either way, sadness hurts

We must find a way to distract ourselves from sadness
I look at You, Lord, and my heart is filled with joy
I cannot be sad for long


Lord, You ask us
to treat one another justly and fairly
Telling lies and cheating
lead to spiritual death

Trying to look good and doing wrong
lead us down the road to nowhere
Nothing good is gained
through greed, envy and jealousy

God’s law is fair and just
because it is based on love
Love of God, love of self
and love of neighbour


When we come together, in faith,
miracles happen
Our prayers unite and become stronger
We are amazed by the power of God

True faith in God brings hope, strength and peace
God makes good things happen
All we have to do is ask
and truly believe
in the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ


The glory of God is to be seen everywhere
And could be experienced by everyone

Open our eyes to see Your glory, Lord
Open our minds to know
and understand the Word of God
Open our hearts to love and serve God Our Father in Heaven

Take us all into Your Kingdom every day
God’s Kingdom is everywhere
Saint Martha – pray for us


Turn Your face towards me, Lord
The radiance of Your love
covers all the shadows
It releases me from the traps set by darkness

In the light of Your love, Lord,
I see great treasures
within my own heart

The rewards of love are immense
freedom, joy, peace and great happiness
All I can do is
say thanks to You, Lord Jesus


When we look at one another, face to face,
we can see the truth
We cannot hide the truth that speaks through our eyes
and lives in our hearts

Face to face with You, Lord, all is revealed
Goodness, beauty, mercy, compassion, forgiveness
and, most of all – love

Through the great gift of love
we communicate through You, Lord,
with God Our Father in Heaven


God’s Truth cannot be hidden
God does not hide the truth from us
He gave You to us, Lord, to explain
the importance of knowing what is right
and what is wrong

Lord, You teach us the right way to live
according to the will of God
Bad behaviour does not deserve reward
The truth is in God’s hands
and the truth is our reward


Lord, guard us from complacency
We have to work hard in order to survive
If we let our guard down bad things will happen
and we will have no control over them

We need to grow strong in our faith
Be aware of the dangers of temptation
In this way we will not end up regretting our bad decisions
Or wasting the precious gift of life


Lord, You have entrusted me
with Your Word
In return, You ask me
to carry out Your will

Trust is a great honour
for which I am very grateful
Trust obliges me to act in the right way
not to serve myself
but to serve others

Then, the world sees, Lord,
You have trust in me


There is a love so strong that it keeps us together
regardless of the circumstances
I pray to hold on to a love like this with all my heart
and with every ounce of my being

The gentleness of love wipes away our tears
and clears our vision
I can see things as they truly are
through the eyes of love

I see everything I need to see
and I recognise the truth of the Resurrection

Saint Mary Magdalene, we ask you to pray for us


God is always with us,
in good times and in bad
God feeds us the food of life
We never become hungry

God always wants the best for us
God never wants us to fail
but to succeed in carrying out His will

Lord, I am always with You
I pray I am never parted from You
Always be at my side


Stretch out Your hand, Lord, over land and sea
and calm the tumult, rage and anger
that destroys the peace of Your Kingdom

Stretch out Your hand, Lord, over the heads of Your people
Bless us, and give us the gift of peace

Stretch out Your hand, Lord, over the earth
and show us how to live our lives together,
in perfect harmony


Acts of loving kindness lead to You, Lord
You prepare a path for us
It is the way of love
If we follow the goodness of truth
we will be with You for all time

Let us stand firm and keep to the right way
Lord, do not let us fall to the temptation of doubt or fear
The sign that You are near is the acts
we perform in love and goodness

Our God is great, powerful and almighty
When we pray we keep still
and stand firm holding on to God’s word
God saves us and shows us the way to Him
Through Jesus, His Beloved Son


We learn from Your gentleness, Lord,
that it is best not to retaliate
Retaliation only brings about more retaliation
and it never ends

Retaliation never brings reconciliation
It only makes things worse
If we want to be reconciled
and at peace with God and one another
we must first learn to be gentle, patient and kind
regardless of what happens to us


Your mercy is infinite, Lord
As boundless as the love You have for us
A love that reaches into our hearts and minds
and teaches us how to show mercy to others

We ask for mercy to be shown to us
for the day will come when we will die
That day we pray God is merciful to us
Our Lady of Mount Carmel – pray for us


Come to Me, says Our Lord
Come to Me, and I will give you rest
I come to You, Lord,
and lay my burden down at Your feet

I come to You, Lord,
and place all my fears and anxieties
into Your hands
All of a sudden, life changes for the better

Life is a gift from God,
given eternally for the good of all the world


There is One God
One Truth and One Love
We are One with God before the beginning of time
We are One with God till the end of time

We belong to God
and we belong to one another
through the holiness, truth
and beauty of Jesus, Your Beloved Son

Lord, how I long to see Your face
To be One with You, forever and ever


God forgives when we are truly sorry
for what we have done
God gives us the courage needed to ask for forgiveness

God shows us how to forgive
through Jesus His Beloved Son

Heal us, Lord, in mind, soul and body
in ways which bring us close to God Our Father in Heaven
God of mercy and compassion,
forgive us


Lord, let there be no divisions between us
Unite us in the best way possible
Help us to communicate with one another
through love and understanding

By the help of Your grace, Lord,
we will be able to work together
to achieve God’s purpose

When times are hard,
show us the way to find peace
through love, truth and beauty


All our troubles disappear
when we place them in God’s hands
Lord, Your gentle and loving hands
bring healing through compassion

Your hands wipe away our tears of suffering
Your hands show us the way to seek peace
Through Your loving care, Lord,
we have courage and strength
and we are not afraid to do anything
in Your name, Lord Jesus


Hidden within the heart
is the secret to eternal life and happiness
Deep within the heart,
love is supremely confident

Let us open our hearts
and not be afraid to take risks
in order to love and serve one another
There is no limit to God’s love

God’s heart embraces everyone and everything
Do not be afraid to open your hearts
and let God in


The Lord God Our Father works in so many different ways
God works in us
God works through us
All we have to do is say “Yes”

We welcome God into our lives and our homes
That way, God works throughout the world
Bringing healing, joy and relief from suffering, emotional and physical
Let us join together to work for God


In God’s Kingdom, the weakest are the strongest
The downtrodden are uplifted
The invisible become visible
Only God sees the world the way it really is

Let us learn to look at one another
through the eyes of wisdom, truth and love
That way, we will see people the way they truly are
and not as we would like them to be


Lord, do I have the strength to carry on?
Will I stand the test of time?
The night passes, as it always does
and will do, till the end of time

God listens when I speak to You, Lord
and ask for Your help
No one asks to be tested
in case we fail to come up to the mark

God is the reason why we live and breathe
and love unconditionally
Love is not a test


With You, Lord, anything is possible
The sick are healed
and dreams come true
All prayers are answered through You

Life and death, heaven and earth are connected
in a way that brings peace and solace
Touch us, Lord Jesus, with Your gentle healing hands
Take away our fears and our pain

Lead us, through the power of love,
upwards to You,
Lord God Our Father in Heaven


I look upon the beauty of Your face, Lord,
through the eyes of my soul
You are My Lord and My God

Beautiful and truthful at all times
The source of help
and the foundation of faith

Today, we ask Saint Thomas to pray for us
Lord, take away all our doubts and fears
and make our faith strong


One look is all it takes
to recognise the face of a loved one
Love is an accurate measure
of a person’s worth

We feel worthy of love
when we are loved unconditionally
Lord, You are love itself
There is no purer love than Yours

A love that shows mercy, forgiveness
and compassion
Lord, You are the face of perfect love


God saves us from death and destruction
through the power of His love
You are God’s love, Lord Jesus
One glance from You and we are saved

You see our hearts laid open
You know our faith
Our faith saves us every moment of every day
regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in
God even saves us from the brink of ruin


Lord, when we cry, You hear us
You see our tears of sorrow
You feel our distress
We ask for Your help through Divine Providence

The Lord Our God provides for our needs
All we have to do is ask
We pray for everyone who needs help but cannot ask for it
Let our ears be attentive to the sound of their bitter pleading

May we be moved by compassion for our fellow human beings
That they find a way out of their dark place of isolation
We are here to help one another
O Lord, hear our cry for help


Lord, we ask You to make us brave
To have the courage to go out into the world with love in our hearts
And justice as our aim

We pray for the intercession of Your saints
Take away our fears and doubts and replace them with love
Love is incorruptible
Love is everlasting
Love takes us by the hand and leads us to paradise

The world needs good men and women
who act with integrity and work, ceaselessly, for peace
We need the prayers and help of Your angels and saints
Lord, make us strong and fearless

We thank God for all His goodness to us
We aim to be Your messengers of peace
And build Your Kingdom on earth


When we pray to God, we do not pray just for ourselves
But for everyone who needs Your help, Lord
It is through love and compassion
that we truly help one another

Even over great distances – prayer helps
Even the impossible is achievable
with God’s help
We pray, every day, for all who need God’s help


The presence of God is everywhere
Nothing is hidden from us
All we have to do is draw near to God through Jesus
Our faith in God’s almighty power cures all ills

Love of God and love of truth keeps us on the right path
That path leads us straight into the Kingdom of God
Let us take the time to think about what God does for us
every day of our lives

Lord, we pray for Your strength and protection
We ask to be healed in mind, spirit and body
so that we carry out our responsibilities
Dutifully and carefully


Blessed be the covenant God made with His people
Through all time God is with us
We pray to stay close to God through Jesus Our Lord
The time will come when all will be revealed
And we understand the nature of our relationship with God

Let us make time for prayer
Time to search for God
Time for healing
And a time for peace

Through Jesus we learn about peace
and how to live a peaceful life
At no time does God turn away from us
or abandon us to our fate

In our time God made His covenant with His people
through Jesus Our Lord
Blessed be Jesus, true God and true Man

“His name is John”
John lived his life for a good purpose
God chose John before he was born
To prepare the way for Our Lord and for us

Lord, we pray to have a purposeful life like John
Watch over us and guide our steps
As we follow Your way of living
Let us prepare ourselves by renewing our baptismal vows

We belong to the family of God
My name is the sign that I am a part of God’s plan
I thank my parents for bringing me into the world
I pray that my life fulfils God’s purpose
May our parents be rewarded by God for their goodness to us


We pray to have a strong core of faith
So that, from deep within,
we are guided by Your will, Lord
Our actions become instinctively good
and the fruits of our labour are always beneficial

Everything good comes from God’s love for us
Best of all, we have You, Lord
Help us, guide us, drive away our fears and doubts
And make our faith strong


When I make a decision, Lord, help me to find the right one
To take all things into consideration
To search for the solution that is just, right and fair
To discuss matters over with one another

Help me to ensure I have found the right way to live
according to God’s will
Let all decisions be made in the true light of God’s love
That way, we cannot go wrong


Lord, we see the world through our senses
Our vision is not always clear, neither is it accurate
At times we see only what we want to see
We understand what we see and hear,
and we look no further

My soul looks out through my senses
My soul is guided by God’s vision
through His Holy Spirit
I pray to see the world through the window of my soul
Help me to see my own failings
and put right that which is wrong

Let me be judged by the actions I take
and the words I speak
which come from God’s clear vision for us
through Jesus Our Lord


Life is a reward in itself
Each day is a gift from God
To do with as God wills us to
and not to waste on things that do not matter

What matters is that God loves us so much we receive His grace
to help us achieve great things in the sight of God
So, let us embrace each moment
with love, affection and gratefulness
Lord, You are the source and the summit of life


The world is as we see it
We see it in darkness
And we see it in the light of God’s love
There is no hiding from God in the darkness

Let us choose the light
and not be afraid to see the world through the eyes of our hearts
Love focuses our attention on the important things in life
And we act according to the will of God


By the grace of God we have received
the gifts of His Holy Spirit
We are very fortunate indeed

We pray through Jesus to God Our Father
and thank God for His love,
mercy, compassion and forgiveness

The greatest gift we receive is the Holy Eucharist
through which we are connected to God
For all my life, Lord, I am eternally grateful to You


Bless us, Lord, in the morning
as we face up to the day ahead
Bless our efforts to do the right thing
Make everything good and worthy of Your blessing

Bless us, Lord, in the evening
as we reflect over the day’s work
Prepare us for a good night’s sleep
so when we wake up in the morning we are refreshed
and ready to do God’s work again


Love is the basis for unconditional generosity
Without love, we are afraid to give anything away
But, when we give, that is when, we gain
The reward is in the giving

Your love, Lord, is boundless in its generosity
We have only to ask and we will receive
Let us pray to be as generous as we can be
and not hold anything back from anyone


We pray for the grace of God
to help us through every single day
Life itself is a blessing from God

Happiness comes from the hand of God
Turns away everything that is harmful
Gives us insight into another world

A world where people help one another
when help is needed
We pray for everyone who needs God’s help
today and everyday


From now on, I will try harder to know, love and serve God
Lord, help me to stop and think
how I spend my time
and how to make best use of the resources I have

Lord, You give us life and You take it away
We have power over nothing of great importance
So, from now on, let us pray every day
for God’s blessing upon us

Immaculate Heart of Mary – pray for us


O Sacred Heart of Jesus
Fountain of true love
Have mercy on us
and bless us every day of our lives

We place our trust in You
because You love us with all Your heart
Forgive us our sins
and bring us back to the place where You are

There, within Your heart
we are all safe and secure
today and always


We pray, Lord, our lives are shining examples
of God’s Holy Spirit
working with us
and through us

It is because of You, Lord Jesus,
we learn how to forgive
and show mercy and compassion

The world is not a perfect place
and we are far from perfect
But we are trying to live good lives
To bring God’s Kingdom into the world today


The Holy Spirit enriches our lives
with the glory and splendour of Our Lord Jesus Christ
The light of God shines with brilliant intensity
to show us how to live according to the will of God

Our lives are temporary
We have a short time to shine
Therefore, with the time we have left
let us pray to know God in all His splendour, power and glory
through Jesus Christ Our Lord


God’s promise to be with us is Jesus Our Lord
Lord, shine the light of Your face upon us
Make us strong and courageous in our faith

Everything we ask for in prayer
is promised to be answered “Yes”
We pray to say “Yes” too
when we are asked to help others

The Spirit ensures that we are given the power
to live up to, and beyond, our potential


O Lord, what can we hope for in this life?
In our world there is great suffering
Suffering which could be avoided
if people cared more about each other

Blessed are those who do care
May God’s grace fall upon them, in abundance
We thank God for their kindness

Blessed are those who suffer
May God’s peace enter into their hearts,
console them and take away their pain
We pray for God’s grace and peace
every day


Lord, I can never thank You enough
for all the good things You have done for me
and for all the gifts
You have given to me

I was not always aware of
how powerful Your healing blessing is
God works by doing good with my life
and bringing goodness into the world
But we do not always see it

Goodness comes from God in great abundance
God does not hold back and neither should we
Let us give thanks to You, Lord, not just by praising You,
but by doing good and giving all we have in gratitude
and service to God Our Father
I am healed by Your blessing


Blessed be God,
Lord, You have opened my eyes to see You
in the lives of the weak, the vulnerable, the neglected
and those the world has rejected
because they do not fit in

Blessed be God,
Lord, You have opened my mind to the beauty all around me
and taught me how to live, peacefully
under Your watchful gaze

Blessed be God,
Lord, You have opened my heart to the love of God
through Your own Beloved Son, Jesus

Lord Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man,
bless us as we strive to live a life of openness and truth
Bless me with Your Spirit
I thank You for Your many blessings

Each day brings an abundance of blessings


Lord, when things go wrong, we turn to You
and ask You to make things right again
But, when all is well and going our way,
we do not always stop and thank You as we should

I pray, bless my good and peaceful life
I ask for Your grace to continue to keep me strong
and faithful to Your commandments
You ask us to love God and to love one another

May Your grace enable me to open my mind
to understand the great power of love
to change things for the better
Through Your grace I open my heart
to love, peace and goodness


It is dangerous to hear only what we want to hear
or see what we want to see,
rather than look for the truth
The truth is the heart of everything we search for

If we open our eyes to see we will see the truth
because the truth belongs to God
and the truth makes sense of life
and death

If we open our ears we will hear true words being spoken
through the grace of God
We need to clear our minds from false assumptions
and move away from misconceptions

I have only myself to blame
if I have ignored the truth
at the heart of every matter


Who can know the mind of God?
Those who say they do, are not telling the truth
Truth speaks for itself
It does not need interpretation
according to the ways of this world

Lord, I know You through my heart
and I know, too, that the truth will set me free
Freedom is a the gift that rewards those who follow the truth
and serve God with love

It is love of the truth that leads to a peaceful life
I am peace with the world
because I have You, Lord, in my heart
Lead me and guide me
and never let me stray away from You


The helping nature of Mary causes her to go visit Elizabeth,
her pregnant cousin, while she was pregnant
with the Son of God made Man

We all need help from one another
Sometimes we give help
and other times, we receive help

The moment our heart tells us someone we know needs help
we go, without hesitation,
no matter how far
or how arduous the journey

Mary’s help comes automatically
because of her goodness
Lord, direct my every move
towards the needs of others


Lord, I pray to learn how to think and act
in a straightforward way so that it becomes obvious
that I am telling the truth
and acting according to the will of God

Pure wisdom comes from God
through the gift of the Holy Spirit
God knows we all have to learn how to be wise
and act wisely

When wisdom is near,
everything fits together
and makes sense of the mysteries of life
Prayer gives me the gift of a peaceful time

I can think over my actions, my plans and dreams
and discover how best to respond
to the challenges of everyday life


I only have one life
in which to make my mark on the world
Lord, do not let me be a passing shadow
that disappears without trace in the light of day

I need Your help to be
the person I was meant to be
Do not let me follow the ways of this world
when they lead me away from You

It is Your light that makes me visible
because it shines in me
That way the world can see that You are in me
and I do Your work

The kind of work which is productive in Your sight
It does not matter to me how the world sees me
What matters is that I do right by You,


The world is so beautiful
because it was created by the hands of God,
with love, by love and through love
Jesus, I am created too by God
to be the best I can be

Help me to overcome my difficulty
and gain courage and self belief
My heart is filled with joy and admiration
for the vision of God is everywhere to be seen

Open the eyes of my faith, Lord,
and direct my sight towards beauty and truth
We need each other to live to our full potential
We complement one another’s skills and talents
and by working together we, too, can contribute
to our beautiful and joyful world


To serve You, Lord, is an honour
and a privilege
I pray for Your help and for knowledge
and understanding how to best serve You

Every day is different and I have to change and adapt
in order to deal with the challenges of life
I pray to think about the needs and feelings of others
before I act or speak

Lord, You are merciful and forgiving
Look at me, Lord, as Your humble servant
and as someone who is capable of following Your will

We all need help from time to time to try new things
and find new ways of coping with life
and our challenging times


God’s promise to be with us is Jesus Our Lord
Lord, shine the light of Your face upon us
Make us strong and courageous in our faith

Everything we ask for in prayer
is promised to be answered “Yes”
We pray to say “Yes” too
when we are asked to help others

The Spirit ensures that we are given the power
to live up to, and beyond, our potential


Our Lady, Mother of the Church – pray for us
Pray for us so we are strong enough
to endure pain and suffering
We pray together and ask for mercy and compassion

Prayer is our consolation
Together we unite our prayers
and become One with God
through Jesus, Mary’s Beloved Son

Joy and happiness are the gifts we receive
through God Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit


My hope is in You, Lord
I know You are always near
and close to each and every one of us

My trust is in You, Lord
I know You are One with the Father
and One with us

My love is for You, Lord
Your Holy Spirit gives us strength and courage
I can deal with anything
because You are with me
and Your love makes me strong


You do not need to ask me, Lord, if I love You
You know I love You with all my heart

You do not need to ask me to follow You
I hear You
and I listen to You
to find out what You will me to do

You do not need to ask me to serve You, Lord
My life is in Your hands

I do not need You to tell me You love me
I know You love me, Lord


Lord, give me the courage to carry on
regardless of how difficult life is
There will always be hard times and circumstances
over which we have no control

When in trouble, I hand over all my problems to You, Lord,
and take refuge in Your love
Help me to persevere
To never give up praying hard
for all who are in trouble or in pain


Every day is a gift from God
Each new day an adventure and a challenge to our faith
Filled with joy we are renewed in strength
And, more than capable of standing up for the truth

The truth is God’s gift
We live every day in the truth and love of God
In this way, and by the grace of God,
we are well equipped to deal with all of life’s challenges


I know, Lord, You care about each and every one of us
Your love extends beyond death
Knowing You and loving You
is the way to eternal life
with God Our Father in Heaven

Serving You by following Your teaching
is the means by which I fulfil my life’s purpose
Send down Your grace and give us all the strength and will
to carry on despite all the adversities of this world


Lord, You were never alone
Everyone turned against You
but You were never abandoned or left alone
God is always with us

Day and night, in storms and in stillness,
in health and in sickness
God’s Holy Spirit comes to us
and brings us peace

We are at peace
because we know God’s Holy Spirit lives in our hearts
The Word of God is planted deep within our souls
and never leaves us


All of a sudden everything makes sense
The clouds disappear
and Your message, Lord, becomes clear

Lord, Your love is the source of my wisdom
through the lighting up of my heart and mind
In Your name I ask to keep You clearly within my sight
and close to me at all times

In my heart and mind I take delight in knowing
how joyfully God Our Father receives
the return of His Beloved Son


Lord, bless those who visit the sick, lonely and housebound
Bless their words of kindness and encouragement
Bless their works of support

Give hope to all who feel alone, lost and abandoned
Bless all our hearts
and fill them with perfect joy and happiness
We rejoice at the prospect of the one who visits us
in the name of the Lord

Saint Matthias – pray for us


Lord, You fulfilled Your mission on this earth,
beyond life into death
You leave us with the message of eternal life,
peace and happiness

By the power of the Holy Spirit
we step out into the world with courage
Our strength comes from knowing and believing
in Your Resurrection, Lord

Father, give us a faith so strong that we endure all hardship
on account of Your name,
the name of Jesus Our Lord
Alleluja, Amen

Our Lady of Fatima – pray for us


Lord, You have been with Your people from the beginning of time
Everything we are stems from You
By the help of Your grace
we have become people of faith – children of God

Keep us close to You, always,
through the gift of Your Holy Spirit
As close as we are to You, so close do we come
to the source of love, beauty and eternal truth


There is a joy to be felt when knowing the truth
Even if it hurts for a while to begin with
Lord, help us to learn how to accept pain
and suffering of loss

Knowing You are still with us sharing our joy and pain
is good reason to give great thanks to God Our Father in Heaven
The Holy Spirit brings new life
through the living breath of Your Resurrection


Lord, help me to listen to You
with an open heart
Open the hearts of many
to receive the truth and beauty of the Word of God

Holy Spirit, we are waiting for You, always
Our hearts are open to Your love
and filled with the joy and expectation of Your coming
Lord, I am listening to You with all my heart


Lord, we belong to God
We do not belong to the world
We listen to the Word of God
to learn how to do God’s will

Ours is the choice
Yours is the joyful news that Jesus overcame death
The love of God is stronger than anything in the world
We pray the choices we make are driven by love
and through the Spiri
t of Jesus


There is only one thing God asks us to do
That is – to love one another
Through You, Lord Jesus, we learn what it is
to love unconditionally

It should be easy and simple to follow Your one command
But we find it hard sometimes
We need Your help, Lord
And we need help from one another

Let us encourage one another
by showing how much we love You, Lord


God Our Father loves us very much
We pray to remain in His love
Jesus Lord, we know You love us
We pray to remain in Your love

We are complete
Love unites us through all generations
We pray in love of God
For God’s love keeps us on the right track
We find our way back to You, Lord


My desire is to stay with You, Lord
To be connected with You
To know Your will
And to try to carry it out, joyfully
Do what You will with me, Lord

We pray with one another to make our prayers stronger
May our connection make our faith strong
So that, working with one another
we will build Your Kingdom here on earth


We need God’s help to stay focussed on our goal
Patience brings inner peace
Perseverance in prayer
brings peace and forgiveness

We need each other to help us
achieve the goal of everlasting peace

Lord, You are the message of peace
Do not let us give up when times are hard
We need to surround ourselves with the love of God
and each other


I know the truth when I hear it
I know it through my heart
God is the Truth
Jesus is the Way to the Truth

When we open our hearts to the truth
the Holy Spirit speaks for us
and through us
We can rely on the Word of God

God is consistently good
Now and throughout all the ages


The Word of God is written in our hearts
and gives us eternal life
The truth of God’s Word works within us
to produce good actions

So, when we encounter hostility, we ask for God’s help
to move us forward
We ask to be led out of defeat
and into victory
It is the joy of eternal life that tells us
to never give up

Saint Joseph, the Worker, pray for us


From the beginning of time
history repeats itself
It is in our nature to question and doubt
what we know to be true

God’s message sent to us through His Son, Jesus,
does not change with time
The truth stands firm across all the ages

God loves us so much He helps us to find
the way to His Kingdom
by the light of His love and truth


What a gift it is to know our own purpose!
Deep down in our hearts is the place where we find out
exactly what that purpose is
God helps us to discover our purpose
because we act on God’s behalf

The purpose is more important than the person
My purpose is clear
It is to know, to love and to serve God
and to love each other as God loves us

Saint Catherine of Siena - pray for us


It helps to be supported by someone who believes in us
Together we achieve far more than
if we continue to struggle alone
We pray to be supportive of one another

Prayer is our support through life
Lord, You understand our needs very well
Everything we need, we receive
Lord, You are my support and I am very grateful


See through the eyes of love
See how easy it is to love God
God loves us so much
We can see His glorious works
when we look through the eyes of our souls

Faith is a gift from God Our Father given freely
to those who hear and listen to the word of God
See how beautifully God works through us


I am familiar with the sound of the voice I hear all the time
I have become accustomed to the sound of Your voice, Lord
You speak and I listen through the gift of prayer
All our voices join together to make one holy sound

A sound that rises towards heaven in one almighty plea
Lord, keep us all safe and secure
within the sound of Your voice


My life is not my own
My life belongs to You, Lord
And through You, all lives are connected
When one of us is hurting, we all hurt

We mourn the loss of life together as one body in Christ
We celebrate life together, as one, in the life of Christ
My life’s purpose is to follow You, Lord
Where else could I go?
Except to You, Lord


All our lives, we can be completely wrong and never know it
It is obstinacy that keeps us going along the path to nowhere
Stubbornness of will makes us blind to the truth
Our eyes are closed to the possibilities ahead of us

If only we would look up
and see the face of God
through the Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist
Then our faith would not be blind

Saint George, Patron Saint of England – pray for us


God’s Spirit draws us close together
so that we might learn from one another
Learn and understand the true nature of God
Learn something new each day which makes us happy

True knowledge of God brings eternal happiness
Lord, we pray to learn how to overcome
all the challenges and difficulties in our lives
Unite us in the body of Jesus Christ Our Lord


There are good days
And there are bad days
Good things happen to bad people
And bad things happen to good people
We need to focus our attention on the joy of living a good life

Remembering the joy will lift up our spirits
When we follow Jesus, we live
through the glory and joy of His Resurrection
You, Lord, are the source of our constant joy


Lord, Son of God and Son of Man
You sit at God’s right hand
You are the sign sent by God to show us how to live again
You are the Resurrection
and the way to eternal life

We pray through You, Lord, to ask God Our Father
to strengthen us
and give us the courage of Your conviction
We are not afraid any more


God does not destroy
God builds
God does not let us go hungry
God feeds us

God does not ask us to do anything we cannot do
God directs and guides us
God gives us courage and strength

God is peace
God gives us the gift of eternal life
Through Jesus His Beloved Son


Let nothing stand in the way of our love for You, Lord
No wind, no rain, no fury
Everything fearful is contained in the palm of Your hand
All fear goes away

We are free to act with courage, compassion and common sense
The benefits of prayerful collaboration are immense
Much greater than we can possibly imagine them to be


There are so many good things that come from God
They are impossible to count
So many sick people are healed in mind, body and spirit

So many of us are given hope
That God will keep us safe from harm
We are the many who have survived, generation after generation
and have keep our faith alive
So many of us are nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ
We all give thanks to God in the name of Jesus


As I journey through life
I walk hand in hand with Jesus, Our Lord
Lord, You bring me close to God Our Father,
through Your Holy Spirit

I am not afraid to hear the truth or to speak the truth
I pray to act with courage, dignity and honour
Walking with the truth in my hand is going to save me
in the challenging times ahead


The light of truth shines on a new life
Life begins anew when the truth is born
and held up to the light
It takes hard work to live a life in truth and peace

We pray to work hard in this life
in order to gain the rewards of eternal life


God’s Spirit unites my body and soul
through the love I have in my heart
Heaven and earth are joined together
through the power of God’s Holy Spirit

I am united with my brothers and sisters all over the world
through the life, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus
God joins us together with His Son and Holy Spirit


The Spirit of God is as free as the wind
Breathing life into us through the gifts of love and peace
The winds of life are free to go wherever they are needed
To make our faith grow
To strengthen the weak
and to heal the sick

Prayer is a gift which stands the test of time
Once a prayer is made
it never goes away


Speak to me, Lord, I am listening
As I listen I become stronger in my faith
Strength of faith allows me to speak up
About the truth of the Word of God

Even if no one is listening – God listens
When no one believe me – God listens while I pray
God answers all my prayers

God listens patiently
until I find the answer for myself
That is why I know God is listening to me


The gift of life is so precious
It should never be taken from us by force
No one has the right to take a life
Life comes from God
And life goes back to God

Jesus Lord, watch over us
Help us to live up to our potential
Do not let us harm anyone by our words or our actions


These are the days when we rejoice and are glad
Jesus, Our Lord, lived among us, died and lives again
Jesus is with us, all of these days
and every day until the end of time

Jesus’ name is real
The story of Jesus’ life is true
We have no reason to doubt or disbelieve the Word of God
Jesus truly rose from the dead to bring us back to life

These days we are the witnesses to that fact



Every day is a new start
A chance to live a better life
And that is why, in the name of Jesus,
I pray for the slate to be wiped clean

For my eyes to be opened to the truth of God
and my heart to burn with great love for You, Lord,
and my brothers and sisters
Jesus unites us all through love

Lord, I would like to share Your great passion for life
and never to be afraid of death


In the name of Jesus we find the truth we search for
We have nowhere else to look
other than deep within our own hearts

Jesus was, is and always will be One with the Father and Spirit
And since we are baptised
through water and the Holy Spirit
we become One with Jesus and each other

We rejoice always in the certain knowledge
that Jesus is Our Risen Lord
King for ever and ever



The way to eternal life is through the gateway of love
opened for us by You, Our Risen Lord
The way we live our lives is
to follow Your loving example, Lord

The way we are to die is peaceful
because we know You rose from the dead, Lord
We have no fear for what is to come
Lord, show us the way to Your Kingdom


Lord, throughout Your Passion – You were never alone
Throughout the whole of Your life You were loved – and You were never alone
As You lived among us You changed the lives of many
And gave us new hope in our time of distress

We are never alone because God is with us
We are born with God and we die with God
We are never alone

Life comes out of death
Good always overcomes evil
The Lord Our God is always with us
We thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your great glory, passion
and Resurrection

King – crowned with thorns
Nailed to a cross of wood
Raised high above the earth
So everyone could understand in their own tongue
That God the Son has been lifted up from the ground
and become One with the God the Father in Heaven
and One with us, at the same time and for all time to come

Lord Jesus, King of earth, sea and sky
Have mercy on me when it is time for me to die
and please remember me when You come into Your Kingdom


In time, everything will pass
All that is good and all that is bad
When my time comes I will pass from life to death
and a new life will begin

Only love passes between heaven and earth
Let us love and serve one another the way God asks us to
Through the loving example of Jesus Our Lord


God listens to every prayer we make
God does not ignore our pleas for help
Neither does He turn away His face
He hears every single sigh of weariness

God listens – then speaks through Jesus Our Lord
Lord, You who are the Word of God, You are the One
who truly listens to us with all Your attention
We pray to listen with our hearts
to the Words of Your heart, Lord Jesus


Lord, I pray to see, with Your eyes, the wonders of Your Kingdom
Lord, You see into my heart
You know my most secret and hidden intentions
When You speak, Lord, I listen through my heart
I pray to hear the sound of Your gentle voice
Giving me courage
Causing my enlightenment

I see God’s holy light through the precious gift of spiritual sight
May the sound of Your voice guide us all to paradise


I run to You, Lord, when I am in danger
I know You will help me
When I am weak – You give me strength
I know You protect us from harm
and shield us from pain and suffering

I come to You, Lord, to pray for the poor
They are always with us
The poor will not be poor for long
But those who make them poor, will be poor for ever
Let us pray for an end to poverty


Jesus Lord, You gather us all together into one unified family
A holy family built on love, trust and faithfulness
Together we are strong
We can withstand trauma, suffering – even death

We need to be together with You, Lord
Surround us with Your loving strength
so we are never left on our own
Protect us and guard us from danger and harm


What does it cost us to believe Jesus is God and Man
at the same time?
What do we lose when we believe in God made Man?
Why is it so hard just to believe in God?

Jesus Lord, our faith cost You everything You had
Lord, Your acts of goodness, mercy and healing demonstrate clearly
You were sent to help us
Lord, I believe in You


When the angel Gabriel came to Mary
She was ready to listen
When the angel told her she was to become the Mother of God
She was ready to say Yes
This is a great day for us

Lord, help us to realise how great was her trust
God chose her because she was capable of so much
Love had entered her spirit
and stayed with her forever
We thank God for the day Mary agreed
to be the handmaid of the Lord Our God


There is no doubt that God loves us
He sent His Beloved Son to save us
In return we pray to God with faith
to communicate our love and thanks to God
through Jesus Our Lord

When we are in trouble, Lord, come and save us
Send an angel to be with us throughout our lives
Do not allow us to fail when our faith is tested


Our faith in You, Lord, raises our spirits
when times are hard
Our trust in You, Lord, gives us hope and optimism
that things will change for the better

Above all, our love for You, Lord, lifts us up
from the trials and challenges of this life
and takes us up to be close to You, forever

We raise our eyes upwards
as we make our daily prayer


It is through the light of Your love, Lord that we gain knowledge
and understand who You are, where You came from
and where You are now

While the light shines in our hearts we are never alone,
nor in the darkness
We are free to think, feel and speak
under the influence of Your guiding light
Lord, You are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD


The truth is never forgotten
It is written by the hand of God
Lord Jesus, You are the Word of God
You come from the Father and Spirit

The truth of the Word of God cannot be twisted out of shape
Words can be used, out of context,
to frame the innocent and judge them unfairly

The passage of time proves the truth of God’s words
The Word of God remains the same, forever


Lord, we ask Saint Joseph to pray for us
We pray for a happy and peaceful death like his
Saint Joseph, in quietness and humility, you took responsibility
for Mary and Jesus

You did everything you could to help them
We ask for your prayers
so we may carry our responsibilities and obligations
with a happy and cheerful heart
Saint Joseph – pray for us


I am Your witness, Lord
I believe in You
You live in my heart

Lord, You are the living testimony
of God’s constant love for us
We ask You to plead our case before God Our Father
and forgive us our sins

The way to truly know God
is through acts of loving kindness
done in the name of God Our Father in Heaven


Lord, You are the only One who really knows me
You know what I do
You know what I think
You know what I fear
You know what makes me happy

Lord, You know life
You know death
You are the Resurrection

By the help of God’s saving grace I learn to know You
You are God made Man
You live among us, with us and through us
You are our only judge
You know us

Saint Patrick – pray for us


When the waters of life are disturbed by illness
it is easy for us to become distressed
and abandon hope of being healed

But, throughout life, there are many changes
some great and some small
We must adapt ourselves to every single one

Lord, You know all about disturbance
We must not fear what is to come
Lord, You are the living water that heals us


Lord, I cannot fail with You beside me
When we pray together we strengthen one another
in ways which are beyond our imagination

No one knows, except You Lord, exactly what I need

Keep praying
and never give up trying
God will do the rest


I pray to ask God to have mercy on me
To forgive my errors, mistakes and wrongdoing
To guide my soul into the light and
out of the darkness

Sin separates us from love
Love keeps us away from sin
Love is a genuine and constant prayer to God Our Father in Heaven
Through Jesus Our Lord, His most Beloved Son


I love You, Lord, with all my heart
All the strength I have
Comes from You
If I have any wisdom in my thinking then
That wisdom comes from You

Knowing that You love me, Lord
is the greatest gift of understanding that I can have
To love You, Lord, is to love everyone around me, far and near
My heart is Your heart
I love You, Lord, with all my heart


Lord, point me in the right direction
So I may never stray from the right path
The right way is not easy to see sometimes
We need clarity of vision
We need to focus on the goal
We need to be strong in purpose

Lord, help me to seek the truth in all things
Let my heart dictate my actions through love, peace and patience
Lord, You speak to us in the way You heal the sick
We can learn from Your goodness how to behave with one another

We pray together to make our faith stronger
Draw us ever closer to You, Lord, every day
Unite us in love to be one undivided people of God


The laws of God are right for us
because they come through the heart
The rule of God is just and fair,
merciful and compassionate
We follow God’s rule because it is right for us to do so

Fill my life, Lord, with wisdom and understanding
Help me to live according to Your will
It is the only way to live


The Lord Our God forgives when I ask for forgiveness
and am truly sorry for what I have done
The Lord Our God hears my prayers with love and attention
because my remorse comes from my heart

The Lord Our God answers my pleas for help
So should I – do the same
I forgive, I pray and I plead for forgiveness
Through Jesus Our Lord


Lord, we pray to be healed
We believe in You
Your power is infinite
We have absolute faith in You

We can heal ourselves by opening our minds to the possibility
That God will help us become well again
By the waters of baptism we are made as clean as it is possible to be
Let us open our hearts to the loving mercy of God
And place our trust in God

Jesus Our Lord, You heal everyone who comes to You in faith
To ask for healing
Forgive our lack of faith when we have turned away from You
Draw us close to You, Lord
Heal us and make us well again


Lead me, Lord, back to a time of peace and happiness
To remember the wonder of life
and every one who loves me

Through You, Lord, I can return to a good place
where I am safe
and happy again

The love of a parent is meant to be unconditional
God Our Father is perfect love
He waits for me to realise I have gone wrong
and to come back to my senses
Go back to God with all my heart


Lord, when we listen to one another
we truly learn to know their will
We cannot ride roughshod over their will
as if we know what it best for them
It is only by listening carefully that we learn the truth

At times, we have no control over what is done to us
We have to go along with things for the sake of peace
Lord, help me to listen, at all times, to the Word of God


Good things happen to bad people
Bad things happen to good people
Lord, help me to understand
how little control I have over my life

All things come together, and make sense
through the power of love
Prayer which comes from the heart
is the language of love

Lord, I place my trust in You
You, Lord, are the bridge over life and death


My life is in Your hands, Lord
I place all my trust in You

You became the greatest servant of all
You served God Your Father, throughout Your holy life
Even to the point of death

Your life, Lord, You placed into Your Father’s hands
Help me to serve You with my life
Throughout my life
Right up to, and beyond, my point of death


I cannot, in all conscience, say one thing and do another
Lord, Your words are there to teach me the truth about life
I have to see and acknowledge
that bad things happen to good people

There is no point in pretending to You, Lord,
that I am doing good when I know in my heart,
I am not being true to You or to myself

When I do and say the same thing
then my life makes sense
The Spirit unites body to soul
and enables me to think and act for myself

Father in Heaven, may I be judged by You,
according to how I have carried out Your will
For real and not for show


Lord Jesus, You are the epitome of mercy and compassion
Raise my eyes upwards
towards the sound of Your voice
A voice of tenderness, gentle and forgiving

When I am with You, I am in a safe place
I need search no further
I have found my reward in Your words
of truth, beauty and wisdom

I pray to be as compassionate and merciful
as it is possible for me to be
Saint David – pray for us


God hears every prayer that comes to Him
through Jesus Our Lord
Lord Jesus, make my heart as perfect as it can possibly be
My prayer comes through the love I have in my heart

We are born to a life of perfect love
because we belong to God
I pray for love to conquer all the evil in the world
I pray to love completely with all my heart


Lord, I pray for a peaceful life
I need to strive for peace
Work hard to achieve a lasting peace
through compromise

Let us take the time to examine our conscience
To take action to repair our damaged relationships

Lord, I offer You my life
From today onwards
Make me into a better person
I pray to work hard for peace


Pray, and never give up praying
Ask and you will receive
Every prayer that comes from the depths of our hearts
is heard by God Our Father in Heaven

Pray, and keep praying
As long as you live you will receive the help you ask for

Try harder, every day, to communicate with God through prayer
Lord Jesus, help me to pray harder


Every generation is judged by its actions and omissions
In order to be successful
we need to pay attention
to the signs of our times

The world is constantly changing
and we have to adapt
or our generation will cause destruction,
now and for all generations to come

The greatest sign of God’s love for us is Jesus, His Beloved Son
We must listen to Him
He is the greatest sign
He is the Word of God, Jesus Our Lord


Lord, You know what I need before I ask
I need to ask
I need to say the words
For You to save me from my distress

Every word that comes from, and through, my heart
is a prayer of success
I fail if I do not ask
I succeed by the help of God
Our Father in Heaven

Lord, You hear every word I breathe
Help me to be Your faithful servant


Bless me, Lord, and make my life holy
Bless every thought, word and action that comes from me
Bless them all and make them holy

Open my heart to pray for all who are in great need
Open my hands to greet and to welcome every stranger I come across
Open my life to the blessings I receive from God through Jesus Our Lord

I pray to serve God and everyone who needs God’s help
To serve with justice and loving kindness every day of my life


Every soul under heaven is worth saving
God does not give up on anyone
We pray for the saving of souls from eternal ruin
There is always time to turn back and follow Jesus, Our Lord

Lord, You hold out Your hand to help us up when we fall down
There is a better and healthier way to live
No one is as perfect as they think they are
Only God is perfect and can help us become well again


I know You hear me, Lord,
when I cry out to for help
You are always so close to me
I pray to be close to You

You show me how to do good
and how to avoid evil
I know I am walking alongside You
because I feel great joy in my heart

I have hope that all will be well with the world
I have faith that good always overcomes evil,
in the end


The closer I am to Jesus,
the less likely I am to become lost
It is by following Jesus closely
that I am led towards the goodness of God

In God I place all my trust
because God is everything to me
There is nothing I value more than my relationship with God
To that end, I have to work hard
to stay close to Jesus, Our Lord


Lord, take me by the hand
Raise me up from my fallen state
Draw me straight into Your loving arms
and back to the place where I belong

I pray for forgiveness
I pray for mercy
I pray for compassion and, most importantly,
I pray for reconciliation

Let us all walk, hand in hand, alongside Our Lord Jesus
because we need each other to make us strong


Lord, You perceive the goodness in us and all around us
Your eyes see the true glory and power of God
Your ears hear the cries of the ones who need Your help the most
Your hands bless the bread of life
and give it to us, unreservedly

Lord, open our eyes to see You
Our ears to hear You
Our hands to serve You
and our hearts to love You

I perceive the love and truth of the Word of God
when I open my mind to understand the great mystery of life
God created us in His own image
but we became imperfect

Let us start again from the beginning
to do right by God
Our Father in Heaven


Not everything we make is good or productive
It depends on whether our intentions are good or bad
No one wants to be remembered for doing evil things
Whatever we produce we want it to be good

Goodness speaks for itself
We cannot hide our true feelings from God
Guilt finds a way of eating into our souls
and destroys the love we have in our hearts

Lord, You are God’s sign to us
You direct us, through our hearts, to a good place
A place where courage and truth exist side by side
A place where nothing is hidden from view
Lord, we do good when we are close to You


We need food and water in order to stay alive
We thank God we can eat and drink
and our bodies can thrive
Lord, You are the source of all the spiritual nourishment we need
in order to survive

We cannot judge the value of our own lives
but we hope we are worthy of this great gift of life
The food of life is given to us by God
through the body and blood of Jesus Our Lord

We give thanks to God every day for this great source of grace
The Lord is compassionate to all who are in need
He will never turn us away
Neither will God deny us the food of life


Lord, we all lose sight of the truth when things are either too good
or very bad
We make the wrong choices
and we try to learn from our mistakes

Let us not give up trying to do difficult things
that challenge us
If we do not try we will never find success
If we do not fail then we will never learn

Open our ears, Lord, to hear the truth
Open our mouths to speak words of wisdom,
spoken at the right time
and to the people who need to hear the truth
Forgive us, Lord, and give us the strength to carry on


Our Lady of Lourdes – pray for us
Saint Bernadette – pray for us

Wherever You are, Lord, there I find my spiritual place
Wherever You go, Lord, I follow You
and I find healing space
Bless us, Lord, as we search for peace, love, truth and happiness

Gather us all together in one spiritual place
We find that place deep within our hearts
We recognise that spiritual place when we get there
because it is peaceful, truthful, beautiful
and makes us feel loved and happy

With our hearts united, we ask God to heal all the sick
through the intercession of Jesus Our Lord
and Mary the Mother of God


The breath of life is good
because it comes from God
God made us to be like Him
in goodness, truth and beauty

When we take in the breath of life it is clean
But when we breathe out
we must be sure our intentions for life are good and clean too
The gift of life is so precious
we must take care of how we are deep within our hearts

If our intentions are good
and come from a deep place in our hearts,
motivated by love, then our actions will be good
Every breath of life is to be treasured for the divine gift it is


Everything that comes from God
is beautiful and good
In the beginning everything made sense
and there was an order to life

I have a responsibility to care for all of God’s creation
I need to learn how to take care of myself
and be as well as I can be
I owe this to God in return
for all God has done for me

Let us always keep in mind that we have a duty to care for life
in all its forms
Help me, Lord, to do everything I can, within the range of my ability,
to keep Your logic and order in my mind
and follow Your laws and commandments
They are the only ones that make sense


How amazing are Your works, Lord
You have made earth and heaven so beautiful
It is clear You want only the best for us
Everything You do, Lord, is designed to make us happy

When things go wrong and we become ill
we turn to You
and ask You to make us well
All broken things can be mended
by the hands of the Master Builder, Our Creator

When we pray we remember to thank God for all of creation
We look towards the light and seek the help of God, the Healer
We pray for the healing of the sick
Lord, give healing power to the hands of all who care for the sick


We all need a time of peace when we can rest and recover
from the stresses and responsibilities of life
Lord, we come to You in search of a peaceful life
Help us to be good to ourselves in order to do good for others

We look to You for strength and leadership
You are our true leader
With You we know we are safe
Your responsibility for us starts at the beginning of life
and lasts right up to the end

Your link with us is so strong
we need not be afraid of separation
You keep Your eye on us
and we keep You always in our sight


Lord, no one can take my faith away from me
No one knows me completely the way You do
Only You know what is deep within my heart
With You at the core of my being
I can resist all onslaughts against me

I can resist, peacefully, the way You showed us how to be strong inside
and rely on God Our Father
Terrible things are done to innocent people
for the sake of power and greed

Let us pray for peace, forgiveness and resistance
We must be stronger than ever in times of trouble and turmoil
Thanks be to God Our Father
for You, Lord, are with us and always will be


Lord, You teach us
how to work, and live, alongside each other
You show us how to be at peace wherever we go
You tell us how to avoid the pain of rejection
by being peaceful ourselves

Lord, Your way is always new to us
because we forget how You were
and what You taught us

Let us start again on the road to help one another
by being present in the good times
and in the times of trouble

Lord, give us the strength to continue to learn
how best to meet the needs of the sick, lonely and broken
We pray for their healing through You, Jesus Our Lord,
Our Great Teacher


Peace heals
When we are peaceful we give our bodies time for healing
Lord, do not let my life be overwhelmed
by stress, fear and anxiety

Love heals
When we feel loved then we give ourselves
the peaceful life we need
We need love and peace in our lives to give us the strength
to overcome weakness and illness

Lord, You know what it feels like to be rejected
Help me to remove myself from everything that cause me
the pain of rejection
I accept the way my life is unfolding
and I pray for peace and love in my life, always


The Light of God purifies us and makes us into a worthy offering
We offer ourselves to God Our Father through Jesus His Son,
the Light of the world
Our eyes see the glory of the Lord and we find peace
May God’s Spirit enlighten the eyes of our minds

We pray to become people who light up the world around us
with our loving kindness to one another
The Lord Our God offers us light and peace
so we might live according to God’s will

We pray to be made worthy to stand in the presence of God
and serve Him through the power of love and peace


Your power to heal us, Lord, is truly amazing
You make us strong when we are weak
You free us from the chains of self destruction
You make us feel we can do anything
if we try hard and do not give up

We have the strength
to overcome everything bad that takes place
We are neither powerful nor perfect
but we do know where to go, and when to ask, for help

Lord, heal us in mind and body,
especially those who are unable or too weak
to ask for Your amazing healing help


Who knows where we are going
Who knows where we came from
We are a wandering people, here on earth for only a short time
We need to make the best of it
Have faith in a better life to come

Enjoy every day regardless of what is happening around us
to make us sad and frightened
There is no need to be anxious
Have faith, God is always with us

We are blessed with the presence of Jesus Our Lord
Lord, You are at the helm
You steer us away from trouble
Our faith in You directs our lives in a good way
We are passing through this life
on our way to the heavenly kingdom


God never gives up on us
Even when we refuse to believe in the truth of God,
God believes in us
and loves us all the more

God’s patience never runs out
He waits for us to realise we do not know everything
He waits for us to recognise Jesus
and how important it is to trust in Him always

Lord, help us to persevere in faith
and never lose sight of Your power and glory
All things happen for a reason
Let us trust in God’s Plan
as it unfolds its truth to us through Jesus Our Lord


Lord, You are my hope and my light
You are always present in my life
You encourage me and You support me
with Your loving kindness

You are not hidden away in a secret place
We are the ones who hide, who keep guilty secrets, who stay silent
and withhold love from one another
Lord, help me to respond openly with love to the needs of others
We all need to be asked how we are
This shows we care for each other

Lord, You speak to me all the time
If I open my ears I can hear You
If I open my eyes I can see You
If I open my heart, nothing will be hidden from view


We can be forgiven for not having the patience to listen
We can be forgiven for being too busy to spend time with God
We can be forgiven for being overcome by the cares of the world

When we are completely forgiven for everything we have done wrong,
then we will understand the importance of forgiveness
The mercy we show one another is the mercy that is given to us

Love is the fountain of mercy from which forgiveness flows
As love grows in our hearts and minds
we become less and less in need of forgiveness
We grow under the light of God’s love to be creatures of natural beauty
and perfection


Our lives are a series of give and take
We give and we take
We take and we give
It is a balance of loss and gain
We can only hope to come out on top in the end

Some things are sacrificed which we know we will not miss
Others are sacrificed without our permission or knowledge
but from which we still gain benefit
God offered His only Son in sacrifice for us

It is up to us whether we take what we are given, thank God
and use it to benefit everybody
It is our decision to give freely of ourselves
and demand nothing in return

You, Lord, are the light that shows me the way of truth and beauty
Without Your loving guidance I am lost
Help me to see where I am going
And how to get there

By the help of Your saving grace
There can be no turning back to the old ways
Send me Your Spirit, as I travel towards the light of Christ
Take me by the hand and lead me to paradise


People guess, but they do not know, what a person is thinking
We guard our innermost selves
and protect our privacy for a reason
We are not “out of our minds”
We are shielding our selves from harm

Meanwhile, we make assumptions about each other, instead of
looking for the truth
The truth is at the very core of our selves
The truth is holy and worthy of respect

The truth is universal
and we should not be afraid to speak out
when people need help
We serve God and one another
through the truth of God, Jesus Our Lord


Lord, Your words are written in my heart
Love commands my actions
but I cannot serve You on my own
We all need the help and support of each other
to make this world into a better place

Let us find ways to communicate
through the love that is in our hearts
That way we cannot go wrong
We will not be betrayed by our own thoughts
to go in the wrong direction

May the spirit of love guide our actions
and strengthen our will to work hard for You
and for one another
Lord, Your words are written on my heart


Confidence comes from a strong spirit
A belief in oneself which comes from God
Lord, You are the foundation of love,
and You gave Yourself
to save those who asked for Your healing help

My self belief comes from You
You reassure me that I have a purpose to fulfil
Your presence among us is testimony
to the constant love God has for all of His creation

If God loves us all so much then so should we love ourselves too
Nothing can separate me from God, that is my belief
My closeness to God comes from You, Lord Jesus


Lord, You see how fragile I am
and how close I come to the edge of brokenness
I stretch out my hand and You help me
You draw me away from danger and closer to You

I am not afraid to ask for Your help
for You are indestructible
People can plot against goodness to bring about its destruction
But, You have shown us by Your love that, good destroys evil
and not the other way round

I pray for the healing of all who have given up hope
May they stretch out their hands
and be brought closer to God
through Jesus Our Lord


Lord, we persevere through to the end
because we have hope
We have hope because we never lose sight of You
You teach us how to think for ourselves
and act with compassion and love

Love is the basis of our faith
and unites us all with God to each other
That is why we must not give up
even if we feel the world is against us

God is all that matters in this world
In Jesus we have the model of perseverance
and the hope of eternal life
and happiness to come


Each one of us is called by God
to do what we do best
Every one of us is different
and we all have our own special calling

It is important to listen to God through Jesus
so we can learn how to be useful to one another
today, in these changing times
We need support from one another
in order to adapt to our current situation

We are called by God to look for new ways to deal with new problems
God will help us
God calls us
And God will always help us


Open my heart, Lord, so I can see with my own eyes
how compassionate You are
Through my eyes I see what I want to see
Through my heart I feel what I need to feel

We all need help to see the suffering of others,
while we are so focussed on ourselves
and meeting our own needs

God will not call us to account until we have finished living
Then it will be too late to change
Our hearts and our eyes need to open up to see and feel
how people suffer through sickness, neglect and abuse

Give me a compassionate heart like Yours, Lord
And eyes that see people the way You do


When we finally arrive at our place of rest,
that is when we are healed
To be peaceful and resting is to be healed
Life is a balance of work and rest,
noise and peace, faith and doubt

Lord, help me to manage my changing situation
in such a way that I find the correct balance I need
to live a healthy life, physically and spiritually

To have a strong faith is the first and most important step
on the road to healing
That is why I pray, Lord, for a strong faith
and a balanced, healthy life


Today is the day I am healed
It is important I stay strong in my faith
Lord, You give me all the encouragement I need
to carry on believing in Your power
to heal all who are sick and suffering

I pray, today, for the people who are sick,
but no one goes near them
because of fear of catching the disease
I pray, today, for the untouchables, for the isolated, for the lonely

Lord, You know what this feels like and how much it hurts
Only You know how to heal in such a way
that joy and thanksgiving spread out into the world
Lord, You are with us, not only for today, but for every day


It is fear that enslaves us
Fear immobilises us
Unable to move, through sickness or fear, we stay where we are,
afraid to change our direction

Lord, do not let us be transfixed on fear of failure
It is fear that prevents us from moving forward
Lord, I pray to be made well
I pray for healing for all who are sick in mind and body

Only God can free us from the slavery of sin
because Jesus is God made Man
He has the power to free us and to heal us
Lord, help me to move on without fear


Lord, show me something new today
A new way of looking at the world
A fresh understanding of Your teachings

Nothing stays the same
Everything is changing
Lord, You have the voice of authority
and I should listen to You

I can start anew every day
and do something different
My mental health and well being depend on
how I react to the world around me

My life, present and future, is in Your hands, Lord
Help me to take responsibility for my actions
and learn from my mistakes
I want to start anew with the help of Your grace


Life is a series of beginnings and endings
Let us make today the start of something new
We build on the past and move forwards
There will be better days
and there will be worse days

We must keep trying
and never give up looking forwards and upwards
There is a new light dawning
which brings a new beginning

Lord, You are the constant light of my life
You light up the good days with truth and beauty
You light up the bad days with hope, love and faith

Help me to start again today,
refreshed and ready to follow You
wherever You lead me


God is love and His love is shared among us
God shares His Spirit with us
So that we share His love with others through the Spirit of God
We share everything that matters to God

God gives us strength and courage which we share with others
through prayer and the Holy Spirit
Let us not share our fear in case we frighten one another needlessly
and create even more anxiety
We look to You, Lord, to protect us from harm and danger

A shared spirit is a shared love
Open our minds to accept the goodness
and generosity of God’s everlasting love
A shared spirit is a shared trust in all things good


Actions speak louder than words
Acts of compassion speak of love
in ways we can understand and accept

When we are needy, Lord, You care for our needs
Lord, feed all who are hungry and have no food
Let us share what we have
so no one has too much in order for the rest to have so little

Love is the great equaliser
God’s love is given to all of us, equally
First, we have to accept God’s gift of love
and then, we have to be generous with our love too

Nothing fills the heart with joy more than knowing we are loved,
not for what we do, but for who we are
God’s love is very generous


Lord, You are the light of love and the Spirit of Truth
I know You are the Son of God
because You heal all our ills,
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

We pray for a time of healing and peace
and an end to this time of sickness, death and dying
We pray to be guided by Your truth, Lord

When we recognise what is true
then we become filled with God’s Spirit
We tell the truth
We cannot conceal the truth
because we know the truth will set us free

May Your love strengthen my faith
and keep me forever in Your truth


It is the light of Your love, Lord, that draws us to You
Let us not be afraid to step out into the light
and be seen to be open, trusting and courageous
Your light sets us free from the terrors of darkness
and the tyranny of sin

You take away our weakness
You heal our brokenness
You cover up our disappointments with the cloak of Your love

Let us turn away from those things which are harmful to us
Let us support one another with the light of our love
and show God how much we have learnt about the human spirit

It is an amazing revelation that good comes out of bad things
And the light of love and truth overcome the darkness of evil


Come and see all that is good
Come and see how beautiful the world is
Come and see the true face of love
and be happy

Lord Jesus, You are the gift of light and love
By looking at You we see the possibility of a heavenly life
A life of love
and a life of continuing peace

We all have an active part to play
in God’s plan
God asks us to love one another
and act as though we really do love each other

And when we fail, as sometimes we do,
let us try again to know, love and understand why God sent Jesus
to be with us every step of the way
Let me come to see You, Lord, today and every day


There are times, Lord, when we look at the world
and see only the bad things going on
We need to look to You, Lord,
to see all that is good in our lives
You teach us to see the good in everything
and good always overcomes evil

Let us not become depressed, sad or disappointed with life
Instead, let us look for the good in everyone
and find the goodness that exists all around us

Lord, we are imperfect beings
but we aim to learn from our mistakes
Lord, give us the help and courage we need
to look and see You in everyone we meet,
every day from now on


Thank You, Lord, for the precious gifts of life and love
Let us begin each day with a good intention
Bless my intentions, Lord, and make them good
Anoint me with Your Holy Hand
Help me to prepare a way for You in this world
Stand me up, straight and true

Shine the light of Your love over us all
In the days of darkness we need Your light to show us the way
Make our faith so strong
that we withstand the trials that confront us every day
Give us fortitude and take our brokenness away

Through You, Lord, I know who I am,
where I am going
and what I have to do


Lord, we have nothing to fear from the future
The future belongs to God
We belong to God

As we begin a new year, we ask for Mary’s help
Mary, Mother of God, we thank you for praying with us
when we feel alone and abandoned
Thank you for being with us
when we are frightened of what is to come

Together with Mary we pray to God
We ask Mary to be with us every step of the way
May every new day bring us closer to God

Surrounded by God’s love, and regardless of how we feel,
let us stride out into a new year
with joy, vigour and a new enthusiasm for life


As the year draws to an end
we remember to count our blessings
The blessings of God’s gifts of grace and truth
Without these gifts we would not be who we are
We are the children of God

Jesus, You live in the heart of Your Father,
take us into Your heart
and fill us with the will to go on
Your love for us is permanently strong

Nothing changes when we look backwards
Lord, help us to look forward with hope and optimism
And never stop praying for Your help and strength

Every day is a blessing and a gift of love from God
We thank You, Lord, for all our blessings
during this past, difficult and unusual year


There is the time for silence
There is the time for peace
Now is the time for wisdom
For our knowledge of God to increase

The world has nothing new to show us
that we have not seen before
Let us not be tempted away from the One who loves us
In God we find true peace and happiness
Let us find our way to Jesus, the child we come to adore

This is the time to love and help one another
There is always time for prayer
Praying is communicating with God
through which we learn how to be wise

Lord, increase our knowledge and understanding
Starting at the beginning of life and
all the way through to the end