Everyday Prayers


It is through You, Lord, that we are able to live a good life
Your forgiveness is endless
and Your mercy is generous

You give us enough grace to, not only, sustain us in our faith,
but also, to make our faith grown stronger and develop into God’s work of art
We are God’s creation
We are beautiful in God’s eyes

Lord, help me by sending me Your grace in abundance
so I become worthy of this great treasure of faith
in Jesus Our Lord


God has it in His power to save us
His power was placed into Your hands, Lord,
through the Holy Spirit
You not only have the power to save us
but You do save us

You save us from ourselves
and our destructive nature
You give us the power to, not only, save ourselves,
but also, to save others who need our help
I believe God has the power to save us


If we are sealed to You, Lord, by the Holy Spirit,
we cannot tell lies
We are truthful
because we have no need to cover anything up

Our lives are open for all to see
We should not be afraid to speak the truth
You, Lord, give us the courage to be strong in faith
We are under Your protective gaze, Lord, today and always


Lord, open the door of Wisdom
so we may enter into
a world of truth and knowledge

Do not let us shy away from the bad things
that have happened in the past
We are here to learn from the past
and ensure these horrors are not repeated

Give us the strength to persevere in following Your Holy Way, Lord,
the Way of Perfection
Saint Teresa of Avila – pray for us


Sometimes the truth is so blindingly obvious we cannot see it
There are also times when we recognise the truth
but choose to ignore it
because it does not suit our selfish needs

The light of Your Spirit, Lord, opens our eyes
and keep them open to see the truth around us
and helps us to act with justice and love towards one another


We can only be free
if we are true to ourselves
and to God

Lord, You see how we live
You know what is deeply embedded in our hearts
It is impossible to hide the truth from God

God created us to be free to choose how we live
Let us pray to live a life of purity inside and outside our bodies
Purify me, Lord, and I shall be clean


Praise be to God
and a multitude of thanks for sending us His Beloved Son
to show us the way to Heaven

Lord Jesus, You are held high for all the world to see
Our eyes are fixed on You
We listen to the truth that comes from the mouth of God
Our faith brings freedom and peace – the signs that God is always with us


Faith is a great gift from God received with grateful thanks
Through faith we become close to God
The Word of God is the means by which we learn who God is
and what God wants us to do

The stronger our faith is, the deeper our love becomes
until we understand the holy purpose of life
We pray to deepen our faith in Christ Jesus Our Lord,
God for ever and ever


Lord, it is through faith and grace that we are close to You,
the source of all goodness and strength
Without You, I am lost and vulnerable
I need the protection of Your love around me

We have to guard against attacks on our faith
They are caused by an absence of love
Love overcomes evil
Lord, be with me, heal my ills
and prepare me for all the struggles that lie ahead of me


I believe in You, Lord Jesus Christ
I believe that all I have to do to get help is to ask
You will always help me

You know what I need before I ask for it
but You wait patiently for me to come to You
and ask for help

I searched and I found
I knocked and You opened the door to my heart
I asked for Your help and You gave it to me
Thank You, Lord


Lord, teach us to pray
Through the powerful intercession of Your Holy Mother,
bring us close to God
We learn how to pray by following Your way, Lord

By drawing close to You we grow closer to one another
All our prayers become one
United in love and peace
Forgiving one another
Asking to be forgiven

Our Lady of the Rosary – pray for us



We all have to find a balance in life
Lord, help us to think about what we take for granted
Take the time to prioritise what we do
and when we do it

Let us do what is important first,
that way we will organise our time
and spend it wisely
Listening to the Word of God is vital to our spiritual, emotional
and mental well being
Prayer is a priority


Lord, Your Word is truth
Love lives in truth
Truth lives in love

All deep mysteries are explained by listening to the truth
through our hearts
Love dictates the words that encourage us to take pity
and show compassion to our neighbours in need

Every word of truth comes from the mouth of God
through Jesus Our Lord


When everything is said and done
and all our trials have passed
we look back over our lives
and give a sigh of prayerful thanks and relief

Filled with the joy of God’s Holy Spirit
we are grateful for everything we have received from God,
the joy and the pain – the good and the bad
We are shaped by God’s hands
to become people who are always grateful to be able to give thanks
and joyful praise to God


It is true, Lord, we do not value what we have got
until we have lost it
So, let us not look back in sadness, with regret,
but look forward eagerly to a new life
filled with the joy that comes from learning from our own mistakes

Life is valuable in itself
from its beginning right up to the very end
Lord, help us to make the most out of every moment of our lives


Jesus Lord, You are the face of God,
hidden from the world for so long
Yet Your eyes have seen our world
and have penetrated the hidden parts of our being

When we look through Your eyes of love,
we see love in everything around us
Let us keep to the simple way – the way of light, love and peace
and we will see the face of God and live

Saint Therese of Lisieux – pray for us


We must keep going no matter what happens
We cannot give up trying
We must keeping praying to God
Ask constantly for God’s help
And it will be forthcoming

We must keep God in mind
and never forget how blessed we are
Lord, I pray for the strength and courage to follow You,
without question and without doubt or fear,
wherever You may lead me


Life is a precious gift given to us out of love
But life is not always easy
It is when times are hard that we need God the most

But our instincts tell us to turn away from God
and to seek revenge and retribution for ourselves
God does not turn away from us

God waits patiently for the anger to subside
The path of life ends in death
Until then, we are precious gifts in the hands of God
Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael – pray for us


The truth is the same
no matter what happens
The Word of God is the truth and is great and more powerful
than anything we can come up with

May God’s grace help us to be consistent in the way we speak and act
by following the truth
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Lord, You suffered pain and You felt great joy too, and so do we
We give thanks to God
for everything is consistent that come from God


There is no running away from growing old
Time itself does not bring the wisdom of age
Let us learn how to be wise
through the help and guidance of God’s Holy Spirit

Lord, teach me to face up to the truth and reality
of death and dying without fear
You have gone before us
and have opened the gates of heaven to those who follow You
May my life be a life of truth, courage, faith, hope and love


We have to step back
in order to read the signs of our times
If we are too close we cannot really see what is going on
or why these bad things happen

Good things happen too
We learn to accept both, good and bad,
in order to go on coping with life around us

Thank God there is a noble and divine plan
That plan is Jesus Christ Our Lord, God and Man


A heart filled with love
is a heart of wisdom
No one can take away from me
that which is embedded deeply in my heart

Nothing can destroy that which is built on love
Love bridges this physical life with the spiritual life
both now and after death
We can cross that bridge any time without warning
Lord, let love be the beginning, middle and end of my life

Our Lady of Walsingham – pray for us


Lord, I listen to You
because You do not ask me to do anything
You have not done Yourself
You are a God who leads by example

Your mission is to help and heal us
Our purpose is the same – to help and heal one another in any way we can
Stay with me, Lord, and I will stay with You
Nothing and no one can separate us from the love of God


There is truth in God
God is truth and God is love
By believing in God we become the family of God

The Word of God is true and deserves to be followed
through love in the heart
Truth draws us to one another
and we learn to trust and love with an open heart

Lord, I belong to You
I am Your family
Help me to follow You faithfully


Lord Jesus, You see the good in everyone
It is impossible to hide anything from You, good or bad
And there is both good and bad in all of us

Thanks be to God for the merciful love that You extend to us
regardless of who we are or what we have done in the past
There is great joy in being forgiven
and accepted into Your presence, Lord
Saint Matthew, apostle and evangelist – pray for us


There are times, Lord, when life is very difficult
We are assailed from all sides; pushed and pulled in every direction
except the right one

But we believe in eternal life
We believe in One God
We believe in Jesus and in His Resurrection from the dead

That is how we build our faith on solid and productive ground
We must persevere, against all the odds, to be true and faithful to God
in every way


The truth is the resurrection of the dead
This truth sustains us and gives us hope
We all hope for a better life when times are hard
We look forward to better days

The truth saves us from the despair of nothingness
The Kingdom of God is happiness for all eternity
Lord, I am happy to know the truth that is You
You are the Good News of the Resurrection


It is through God’s grace that we have the capacity to forgive
Forgive ourselves and forgive others
Great love brings forgiveness

Let us accept the gift of grace from God
and learn how to forgive generously
When we are forgiven we will know what it is to be loved greatly by Jesus Our Lord
May God forgive my sins


Once we open our hearts to love we begin to live a perfect life
Love is the way to perfection
You, Lord, are perfect love
My heart is open to love

I live to love in the most perfect way
To love the way God loves us – openly and unconditionally
All selfishness disappears
My self is no longer the centre of the universe
You, Lord, are the love of my life


“Do not cry”,
says the voice filled with mercy and compassion
How many times did you cry, Mother of Sorrows?

Every time you cried you heard Your Son, Jesus Our Lord,
telling you not to cry
He knew your pain and your suffering
because you were both so close to one another

Mother of God and mother of us all,
when we cry out in pain and sorrow, you hear us
and you say in your gentle and loving voice,
“Do not cry”


We exalt You, Lord,
by raising our eyes towards Your Cross of life
Death is defeated
and eternal life is glorified

There is no need for fear of death or suffering
Lord, You raise our spirits by filling our hearts with love
We love You because You are a constant saving presence in our world
Heal us, Lord, by the triumphant power of Your Cross


If we truly want to make sense out of the confusion and chaos around us
we have to start thinking for ourselves
and listening to the Word of God, Jesus Our Lord

Lord, give us the courage and strength to stand up for what is right
and speak against that which is patently wrong
Common sense is rare
It is time build on the solid rock of faith and love
and pray for the wisdom of God’s Holy Spirit


Lord, we dearly prize our freedom
We are free to think for ourselves
and act according to Your will
Help me to make the right choices for me
and for the good of others

What is freedom if it is not used properly?
It should be for the benefit of all people
and not just ourselves
Lord, give us the gift of wisdom
so that we know exactly how to use Your gift of freedom


Lord, You know me, through and through
You know what I am capable of
You know exactly what I can do
I pray to know Your will

Just to think about what You want me to do
is enough to raise my hope and expectation that I am doing good
I strive to do Your will
with an open heart to all who ask for help and compassion


Joy and happiness come from of a sincere heart
filled with the love of God through Jesus Our Lord
God’s Spirit fills us with strength and courage
so we can overcome a world where stress is dominant

Let us fix our eyes on the higher things
that do not belong to this world
Let us gaze fixedly on the eyes of the Son of God
whose presence is always with us


Thank God we have the Blessed Virgin Mary as our spiritual mother
Mary is the Mother of Jesus
and she is also the Mother of the Church

Through her birth, and by the power of God’s Holy Spirit,
she gave life to Jesus Our Lord,
Every day of my life I consecrate to Mary
so that through her intercession
I may be born again each joyful and glorious new morning of my life


Lord, I stretch out my hands to ask for Your healing help
Heal all of us who are sick and weak
Strengthen our faith and give us all the help we need
We all need a peaceful life of sincerity and truth

It is only through Your merciful heart, Lord,
that we are able to love God
and one another in the way God asks us to


Lord, it is hard for us to know what to do without the guiding hand
of wisdom and understanding
We need to make sure we are doing right by God
before we start telling others what to do

People see and judge without knowing the truth
Let us be careful how we act and speak
to make sure we do the right thing
God, who sees everything, knows we are capable of following
in the footsteps of Our Lord


Lord, help me to enjoy my life to the full
I am happy because You light up my life
and You show me how to be strong but adaptable at the same time
We need to adapt to the major changes in our lives

If we do not change our ways
we will waste our lives in brokenness
and devoid of hope
Lord, Your strength and Your presence give me all the strength I need
to live in happiness and goodwill


Lord, help me to see and to understand
that Your way is the best one to follow
Lord, bring out of me all that is good, productive
and beneficial to those around me

Let the world see how good it is to serve God in the best way possible
God’s patience and love is endless
God waits till we are ready to respond to His call
Lord, let me serve You all the days of my life


Does it matter who tells us the truth, Lord?
As long as it is the truth
The truth is all that matters in this life

The truth is to be found in the acts of loving kindness, in prayer
and in the healing of mind, body and spirit
The Spirit teaches the truth
The truth is the Word of God
Armed with the truth we soldier on


There is no point in thinking we know one another
We hardly know ourselves
We must accept one another without judgement
because we do not know what each one of us is thinking
or what we are capable of doing

We pray to know ourselves through the Spirit of God
and the loving mercy of Jesus Our Lord
Lord, You know all there is to know about me
I know who You are
You are the Holy One of God


How sad it is, Lord, to be rejected by Your own people
How many times have we turned down Your invitation to be with You
How hurtful and disappointing it must be to witness such hatred and anger in our world

And yet, despite all of this pain, You carry on regardless
You desire to fulfil the destiny Your Father set out for You
and the whole human race
I pray to do Your will, Lord
I need Your help to overcome my sadness too


Lord, we have a chance to make a difference
by the manner in which we live and die
Sometimes it is prudent to give in and keep silent
Other times it is important to be strong
and do the right thing
To be strong in faith and not to give up no matter what

Saint John the Baptist – pray for us
Help us to be both wise and brave at the same time


If we want to be happy we have to work at it
We have to be prepared to give up the things of this world
for the sake of the happiness of the world to come
We have a responsibility to plan for a better future

We have an obligation to care for each other
and to make the best use of all our resources
Being with You, Lord, is the source and summit of all the happiness
in this world and the next


Sometimes, Lord, we have to keep our heads down
and carry on going at a steady pace
There will be difficult times always,
and we need to be prepared for them

We pray for the grace we need to be steadfast in our faith
and work diligently for the sake of Your Kingdom
Help us to weather the storm and, in time, we will emerge stronger
and more determined to live in the peace and service of Christ Our Lord


The will of God is at work everywhere
I pray God’s will works through me
There is purpose in all that we do, think and say
Let us be careful how we use the gifts God has given us

It is hard work to serve God and one another
but we must not give up
God will give us all the strength we need when we need it the most
We are all part of God’s Plan


Lord, help me to carry out Your will in good faith
and act justly, showing mercy at all times
When our hearts are filled with love
there is no room for any malice; no need for deceit

Happiness comes from within
You, Lord, are the source of love and true happiness
Make me clean again, Lord,
and help me to stay close to You in heart, mind, body and spirit


What a gift it is to be able to see the truth!
Thank You, Lord, for giving us the gift of inner sight
We can see You every day
We recognise You in the faces of the weak and suffering

We pray for God to be seen in this world in truth
and in the light of love and hope
Open our eyes, Lord, to see the true beauty of Your presence among us
Saint Bartholomew – pray for us


We glorify God by the things we do
and how we behave towards one another
Lord, You raise the lowly on high
In Your world no one is left behind
except those who choose to go their own way

No one is more important than God Our Father, Our Teacher and Our Master
My soul was created to glorify my God
I pray my life glorifies my Lord


Lord, hope is what keeps us going
Hope in You, Lord, will never let us down
You have power over life and death
Without You, we are lost
Lost in life and lost in death for all eternity

God sent us His Word to give us everlasting hope
Even in the greatest darkness there is always hope
And love is the basis of hope


Lord, we all have choices to make
Some decisions are hard and have a lasting effect on our lives
I pray I do not regret any of my most important choices
If I follow Your will, Lord, I cannot go wrong

Let us hope our poor decisions can be reversed
We all stand at the crossroads of life and contemplate which way to go
I choose Your way, Lord


Lord God, it is You who keeps us under Your watchful gaze
You look upon us with compassion and mercy,
with a heart filled to the brim with loving kindness
No one is as generous as You

You love us all equally
and You promise to give us eternal life and happiness
It is never too late to come back to God
and ask for God’s help and forgiveness


It is foolish to make wealth the focus of our lives
Especially when the goal is achieved by creating poverty
No human being is so powerful that they can crush every one of us
But we are all capable of damaging the earth and causing harm to others

It is true that when we die we take nothing with us
Only love gives us the point of entry into the Kingdom of Heaven


One sure thing we can depend on is that God is always good
A life that follows the will of God is a life of goodness
I pray all my deeds are good ones
and throughout my life I do no harm

Lord, it makes me sad to do wrong
and I ask You to work through my sadness and regret
to make me into a better person
A person that does good


Beloved Mother of God
Humble and strong at the same time
Immaculate and Holy
You are the means by which God fulfilled His promise to redeem us

You are filled with God’s grace and you reach out to every single one of us
Thankyou for the graces we receive through your intercession
God rewarded you, eternally, and took you back into His loving arms
We pray to be rewarded in the same way,
through the love and mercy of Jesus Christ Our Lord


Lord, guide us through these difficult times
Keep our eyes focussed on You
Help us, Immaculate Mary,
in the same way you guided Saint Maximilian

He focussed his entire life to serve God
through the love he had for Mary
Immaculate Mary, let us soldier on in your blessed name,
bravely marching to the sound of the Word of God,
through Jesus Christ Our Lord
Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe – pray for us


Lord, Son of God and Son of Man, You see the world as it really is
and not the way we see it
We have not looked closely at our own actions
in the light of love, mercy and forgiveness

If we say, “sorry” from the heart, then we ask to be forgiven
Forgiveness comes from those who know how to say sorry and mean it
Lord, Your ways are holy and they lead us to the divine
Let us learn how to be sorry and how to say “sorry”


Lord, help me to listen, carefully, to You
It is through the art of listening
that we allow the Holy Spirit to bring us wisdom

We must listen, carefully, to one another
in order to straighten out any misunderstanding between us
The Word of God came down from heaven
and lived among us

By crossing the barrier between heaven and earth
Jesus speaks words of wisdom to us, constantly
All we have to do is listen carefully


People strive for greatness
not knowing how to achieve it, fairly and justly
In Your Kingdom, Lord, greatness is achieved
by those who are judged most lowly in this life

Your angels protect the little ones
and those who are weak and vulnerable
Greatness comes naturally to those who belong entirely to God
Those who do not seek to be great in this life
are those who live in the heart of God
Saint Clare – pray for us


Faith and experience tell me how good it is to follow Your will, Lord
All Your instructions are sound
and grounded in common sense
Except for the divine, spiritual and supernatural
They do not follow the rules of science

Lord, Son of God and Son of Man,
divine and human at the same time,
You are above all earthly things
To You be highest glory and praise for ever


With patience, very slowly, step by step,
we move a little closer to God
Faith in God’s great benevolence carries us forward
With each passing day, we become stronger in our faith
through the power of God’s grace

Faith removes obstacles in our way
Faith clears our minds of doubts
Faith helps us to see God on top of His Holy Mountain
A mountain every one of us could climb if we set out to do so
in faith


Today, let us stand in the presence of the Lord
and look up towards the source of light, love and hope
Lord, You know how we struggle
That is why You help us

We turn to You because You never give up on us
Your love carries us towards God
and the reward of eternal life and peace
The reward that awaits those who love God


The light of God’s love changes everything
It starts deep within our hearts
and slowly rises to the surface
like the rising of the sun

Every day is a new sunrise
and a chance for us to see the love of God
in all its glory and magnificence
It changes darkness into light

May the light of God’s love enter our hearts
and stay there forever


Lord, whenever I turn to You and say, “Help me”, You look at me
to see if I have faith
I do have faith, Lord God of all the earth,
I believe that You can do anything and everything can be healed
and made better again

I pray to be close to God
in union with God by the power of God’s Holy Spirit
We ask to be healed through the love and compassion of Our Lord Jesus Christ


Lord, help me when I go wrong
Make me see through the eyes of love,
and, in a new light, I will see a world of joy and opportunity

Everything I do depends on how I see myself
No one can assume they are always right
Because we all go wrong at times

Lord, help me to be critical of my own thoughts and actions
and stop me from doing wrong
Saint John Vianney – pray for us


Courage is based on strength of faith
Let us pray to God from the depths of our hearts
and ask Jesus to strengthen us
and give us the courage we need
to survive these difficult, testing and turbulent times

I fix my gaze on You, Lord,
and I know You will take care of all my needs
One glimpse of You is worth more than a thousand dreams


Lord, it is to You alone, that I come
to tell of the pain and suffering I have felt
and seen in my life

Many innocents are hurt, maimed and killed
for being in the wrong place at the wrong time
Many courageous people are persecuted and killed
for speaking the truth
We pray for their protection
and their reward of eternal life, peace and happiness


Lord, You have opened the door of faith
and invited us to come into the glory of Your presence
Faith has the power to heal
and renew our strength

Faith does not live in a place
Faith does not exist in a vacuum
Love sustains our relationship with You, Lord, through the power of prayer
Our faith becomes stronger as we, confidently, pray for Your help, Lord


Lord, life is complex
Things are changing all around us
Our circumstances are hard to deal with
The choices we make are difficult and not always right

But we can start all over again
We place ourselves in Your Hands, Lord,
and pray to go back to the beginning
when things were simple and straightforward
By the help of Your grace every day is a new beginning for us


Lord, You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God
You are the life, light and love of my life
The joy of my heart

Saint Martha, pray for us
Help us to serve the Lord Our God faithfully
Your love and faith give us the strength to continue to work hard for the Lord
in the hope that we will find eternal life
Lord of life, raise us up out of the darkness
and into the precious light of Your love


Lord, help us to endure the hard times
We cannot make sense of what is happening around us
Lord, You are in the best position to see how best to help us
Our hope is in the power and glory of Your Holy Name

Lord Jesus, Your trust in Our Father is our guide
and our hope for a better future to come
We pray for a peaceful life for everyone


Lord, You always have a way of explaining things that enables me to understand
and learn how to behave according to Your will
All You ask of me is that I listen carefully to You

Your words are worth attention because they are true
as well as being beautiful and useful
Life becomes simple and straightforward
once we learn to listen to the Word of God


We pray, Lord, to receive grace
and we pray to give thanks
The grace we receive enables us to be responsible for others
and accountable for our actions

We pray for the strength of faith and courage to act
According to Your purpose and Your Holy Will
Saint James – we ask you to pray for us

It is through Your divine help
that we are able to manage our lives in the best way possible
Thank You, Lord God Our Father, for the grace of receiving You
in the gift of the Holy Eucharist

You strengthen us and give us hope
That whatever befalls us it is our will to serve You
We pray for the intercession of Saint James
Bring us closer to You, Lord
So that we might receive, in abundance, Your holy gifts of grace


Deep within my heart, Lord,
I know who You are
Make me ready to receive Your Word
into my mind, heart and soul

It is from within Your heart
that we receive the gift of love
Through love we gain wisdom and understanding
Our hearts become filled with the joy of knowing You

Place my heart within Your heart, Lord,
today and always


Lord, You are the fountain of living water
The source of life and love
From You I learn how to perceive the truth with understanding
Fill my mind with knowledge of You, Lord
For You are all that I need

I listen attentively in order to hear the sound of Your voice
I watch and I look carefully
in order to see the true beauty, glory and power
of Your wonderful face, Lord


Jesus Lord, have mercy on me
for I am a sinner
Your love rescues me as I turn to You
for help and forgiveness

Lord, when You say my name I know who You are
and I know that You know me very well
Lord, help me to be the person You want me to be
I pray for You to trust me

I pray to trust in Your love, mercy and forgiveness
Saint Mary Magdalen – pray for us


God Our Father, Jesus Your Beloved Son and God’s Holy Spirit are my family
I belong to God’s family
I am loved by God
because I belong to God

In my life I experience rejection and disappointment
but not from God
God never rejects anyone
nor can God ever disappoint me

We can reject God but God still loves us regardless
because God’s love is unconditional


I stand before You, Lord,
Your holy presence is with me, always
The power of God’s love and grace is immense,
beyond the scope of our imagination

Just to be with You, Lord, is joyful beyond measure
What can I give You in return to show You how grateful I am?

I will do as You ask
I will love tenderly, act justly
and walk humbly with My God


Helper of the helpless
Protector of the weak
Healer of the sick
This is Jesus, Our Lord,
This is Our God

God of mercy and compassion
Bringer of justice
Giver of hope
We are unbroken,
protected by the truth of God

Deep within my heart and soul I hear and know
the sound of the voice of God’s Beloved Son


My life is in Your hands, Lord
For as long as You need me – I will live
Every moment I live, I breathe a prayer of gratitude
for the life I have been given

I trust in Your will, Lord
I am the work of Your hands
Feelings of joy and sadness come and go
but life remains the one precious commodity we have
Praise be to God for the gift of life


Lord, we are constantly under Your protection
Nothing can take us away from You
I am under Your watchful gaze
You see me when I fall
You see me struggle under the burden of my load
You see my tears of lamentation

As You watch, Your eyes lift me up
I look up towards Your face with the kind of joy
that only comes out of the darkness of sorrow
The light of Your love comes into my heart and soul
Our Lady of Mount Carmel – pray for us


Throughout the ages wisdom and knowledge combine
to provide understanding
Just as water and the sun make things grow strong and tall
God is at work in all His power and beauty

The truth is always there to be seen and learnt from by doing good
We learn by doing, Lord,
Help us to understand how things work
so that we may join together with You
to create the best of all possible worlds


I stand by You, Lord, because You stand by me
My heart is full of trust for You
Love is the bringer of trust
and trust encourages love

Let our hearts be filled with love and trust in You, Lord Our God
Keep us close to You, looking up towards the top of Your holy mountain
Stand by me, Lord, as I stand by You


There is one true way to serve God
That is to do good
God sees the good things we do
We stand upright in the sight of God

Some times are harder than others
That is when we need Your help the most, Lord
I pray to do good
I pray to focus my eyes on the needs of others
and do good through the love of Jesus Our Lord


In Your presence, Lord, light beams all around us
In Your presence we can see clearly what is right
and what is wrong
When we are in Your presence, Lord, we are strong
and courageous

We pray to be in Your presence, constantly,
regardless of where we are
or where we are going to be

The light of Your love, Lord, surrounds us
Show me, Lord, the beauty and glory of Your holy and eternal Presence


Joy and happiness come and go
As do, sadness and sorrow
Everything comes to pass
according to the truth of God’s Word

Lord, faith and courage are what we need
to keep us going in the right way
Lord, You are our strength
and through You we will find happiness

Happiness here on earth
Joy and happiness for all time
and forever


Let there be peace in our lives
Peace in our hearts
Peace in our thoughts
Peace in our actions
Let there be a lasting peace

Love is the driving force of peace
Through Your love, Lord, I pray for peace all over the world
May peace spread over the land
like warm rays of divine sunshine
Our peace comes from the loving heart of God


Lord, help me with Your constant strength
Give me courage and give me compassion so that, when I go out into the world,
people will see that You are very much alive in me

Every time I venture out I take Your strength and Your love with me
By the help of Your grace I am able to take care of myself
the way You take care of everyone who needs Your help


Even a good person has enemies
Lord, You came under suspicion
in the eyes of those who had no love in their hearts for You
You became their enemy, not because of what You did, but for who You were

Lord, help me to speak only of good things
Do not let me be led astray by those whose intentions are not good
Send Your goodness into our world through the actions of good people
People who love and trust You with all their hearts


God is compassion and love
When I am sick or unwell I look to You, Lord Jesus,
and ask to be made well again

God is compassion and love
When I am lost and alone I look for You, Lord,
and You lead me out of the wilderness
and into a place of peace and tranquillity

God is compassion and love
When I am dying I ask You, Lord, to look down on me
and take me by the hand
Hold me until the time comes for me to die

You are compassionate love
and I place all my trust in You


Lord, do not let me make mistakes over and over again
Help me to think my way through my problems
and try to find new solutions
Every day is a brand new opportunity to start again

I pray to do no harm to myself
or to anyone else, far or near
Lord, take care of us all,
especially those who cannot take care of themselves


I look upon the beauty of Your face, Lord, through the eyes of my soul
You are My Lord and My God
Beautiful and truthful at all times
The source of help and the foundation of faith

Today, we ask Saint Thomas to pray for us
Lord, take away all our doubts and fears
and make our faith strong


Lord, it is through faith in You, that I know what to do
I do not harbour doubts in the depths of my heart
In faith I stand before You,
and pray for all who are sick and unable to take care of themselves

By the power of Your grace, Lord,
You perform miracles of healing every day
You choose people to act with skill and compassion
and You place us all in Your hands
in order to heal us and protect us from harm


Help us, Lord, to always do what is right, just and fair
We face many problems throughout our lives
and it, sometimes, clouds our judgement
We lose sight of the right way

It is time to take a deep breath
and step back in order to get a better view
Clear our vision, Lord,
by the power of Your saving grace


O Lord God, You have made known Your Plan for us
from the very beginning
It is our responsibility to communicate with You

It is our prayers we make to You
asking for Your help in dealing with all the troubles and difficulties
we face from day to day

Lord, You want what is best for us
All we have to do is agree with You
and have faith in Your Word


How can I thank You, Lord, for all Your goodness to me?
There is no earthly way I can repay You for all Your wondrous gifts
One single, clear thought of thanks to You, Lord,
is the bare minimum I can give You

One good thought about You is worth a billion words, spoken and written
Lord, be in my thoughts today, all day, every day
and forever


Lord, we pray for a strong and unbreakable belief in You
and Your power to heal us
Heal the sick, Lord
Strengthen the weak
Protect the vulnerable

Life me up and hold me so I stand straight and strong before You
Then, take me by my hand and lead me to serve others
Lord, help all who need our help the most, today and always


Stretch out Your hand, Lord Jesus,
and bring healing to the sick
By the touch of Your hand we are set free
It is this freedom that is so important to us

Free to think for ourselves,
free to act according to the Word of God
and free to go wherever we are called to go

Lord, we thank You for our freedom
and we cherish You, always


Lord, help me to build a strong foundation of love in my heart
So that, even in times of great sorrow and loss, I will survive
I shall be strong in my faith
because I believe in You and Your everlasting love

Lord, I have no control over so many things in my life
but I am able to pray and ask for God’s strength
I am certain God will pull me through
and I will be strong again


I have a name given to me by God
through water and the Holy Spirit
Lord, help me to live up to the name I have given
with Your blessing of hope

We ask Saint John the Baptist to prepare the way for us
in the same way he prepared the way for Our Lord Jesus
Lord, step into my life
Walk with me and lead me out of my wilderness
and into the Kingdom of glory where You reign in peace for ever


Lord, today may be hard but tomorrow may be better
Our hope is in God, always
Our feelings come and go
but God’s love remains the same

Let us try and make every day count
Each one of us has a part to play
and we need each other to succeed
Let us not give up trying
Every day we take a step forward to be closer to the heart of God


Sometimes, Lord, we get stuck in our own point of view
Always thinking we are right
and everyone else is wrong
Looking for a way back to a normality that existed
only in our own imagination

Let us move forward by opening our lives to new opportunities
and to see the world as it really is
Lord, help us to open our eyes to see the things we are doing wrong
and stop repeating our mistakes over and over again


Lord, I need Your help to get through another day
Help me not to worry over things that do not matter
What matters is the existence of love
Love removes our cares, anxieties and everyday worries

They disappear in the passage of time
and neither time nor nature is under our control
Lord, help me with everything I need,
today and always

Immaculate Heart of Mary - pray for us


Love comes out of love
God’s love for us is shown through Jesus Christ, His Beloved Son
The heart of God gave us the love of Jesus
So, let us love one another in exactly the same way

Love comes from love
We show our love in our gentleness and kindness to others
The gift of love shines out through the Heart of Jesus
Sacred Heart of Jesus – have mercy on us


Lord, I pray in love to God Our Father in Heaven
I awake to the sound of my own breath in the air
I pray to work all day in love
and for the sake of love

I think words of prayer even before I am aware
of Your constant presence, Lord God Our Father in Heaven
Lord, I pray falling asleep in love
Even while I sleep I pray my prayer of love
to God Our Father in Heaven


Keep me, Lord, under Your watchful eye
Keep me always in Your sight
and nothing bad will happen to me

I do not ask to be seen by human eyes
I am judged by what I do
and not by what I am seen to do

I pray to keep the needs of others plainly in my sight
and never to turn a blind eye to a cry for help


Lord, we are created by You
to live in a world created by Your hands
From out of Your hands, flow the sun, rain and wind
They either flow with us or against us

Sometimes we have to go against nature and do things God’s way
The way of mercy, love and forgiveness
Let us pray for all those who hurt us
and for an end to anger, revenge and retaliation


Bless those who suffer, Lord,
give them Your peaceful blessing
Try as we may,
we cannot make suffering go away

Lord, bless those who are treated unjustly
for the sake of greed and gain
Turn the hearts of the perpetrators of darkness
into hearts of love and instruments of light

Life is difficult enough without us turning on one another
We pray for Your blessing of peace
May love transcend suffering
and bring about peace everlasting


Lord, there are times when we all say things we do not mean
But once the words come out it is impossible to put them back
Lord, You always said what You meant
and You meant what You said

You are the truth, the Word of God,
and the example You set us leads us to learn how to be true to our word
Lord, help me to be true to You and to the Word of God

Saint Anthony of Padua - pray for us


Lord, it is true that we know when we are doing wrong
We cover it up and continue our wrong-doing
because are afraid to own up and lose face

It is only truth that will lead us
out of the mess we have created for ourselves
We have no one else to blame

Wisdom whispers the truth
Lord, help us to listen and do right by the truth that is in our hearts
The truth is the Word of God, sent to guide us in the right direction


It is through listening that we learn
and not through talking
Let us speak when we have something to say
not just to hear the sound of our own voice

It is by listening that we learn how to act justly and fairly
towards one another
Let all the voices be heard especially the quiet and weak ones
It is as important to listen to the whispering ones
as it is to hear the ones who are shouting


Lord Our God, You have been with us
from the beginning of time
You are with us now
and we pray You will be with us until the end of time
Your purpose is divine and Your plan is holy

We are Your people
We are part of Your plan
and our purpose is to love You by knowing You
through Jesus Christ Your Son
Our purpose is to serve You in any way we can


Lord, I am not afraid because I see You
in the light of God’s love
You lead me in the right direction

Help me to walk without stumbling
in a straight line towards You
That way, others who are afraid, will see that we are unharmed
They will stand up straight and follow You too

Fear disarms us and makes us lie down and give up
Your light, Lord, destroys our fears, forever


Everything good comes from God
Every single one of us is touched by His Holy Hand
and blessed by His Holy Spirit

Every word that comes from the mouth of Jesus
sets out a plan for our happy existence
Let us not be passive in the practise of our faith
But enter, wholeheartedly, into the spirit of Christ’s teaching

It is in You, Lord, we find peace
and eternal happiness


God is generous with His love and graces
God does not hold back His loving kindness
Let us do likewise
Give all our love in prayer and thanksgiving

We have only a limited time to make a mark in this life
and leave behind something of worth and value
If we give all to God, God will give all to us too
When we give all - we receive all we need in return


The truth is the way to God
The Word of God teaches us the truth
Open our hearts, Lord,
to the truth of God’s word

The truth is passed down from generation to generation
and stands the test of time
Nothing can distort the truth of God
but words can tempt us away from the way God has set out for us
Lord Jesus, You are the Word of God – the one and only eternal truth


If we have the Spirit of wisdom in us,
we will understand what we have to do to serve You, Lord
If we love God with all our hearts, minds and souls,
we will know who God is through Jesus Our Lord

If we listen to the Word of God,
we will have the truth written inside our hearts and minds
and living within our souls

Lord, give us Your strength
so we can do all these things for the sake of Your name
and Your Kingdom


I have not lost my confidence in You, Lord
My faith has saved me innumerable times
and will save me again and again

Through the power of God’s grace we are guided by the Holy Spirit
to listen to the Word of God
The truth is revealed to us in ways we can understand
if we put our trust in God, through Jesus Our Lord


All our lives we have to be careful, Lord,
to guard against hypocrisy and the distortion of the truth
Help us to place our gift of faith firmly on the solid ground
of love and trust in You

You are the wisdom of all our generations,
past, present and to come
We have to be more aware of the temptations that surround us
and be self aware enough to know how much we need to take care of our faith


Holy Spirit, through the love of Jesus,
give me the gift of patience
Help me to understand Your will
and how to exercise self control

Kindness to others is learnt through love
I pray to carry out acts of loving kindness in Your name
Then, the world will see
the great significance of the constant love God has for us
At all times

Holy Mary, Mother of the Church - pray for us


Help me to stay in Your presence, Lord,
for as long as I possibly can
There are many temptations, internal and external
I need all the help I can get to stay true to You

Lord, Your presence is deep in my heart
I pray Your Holy Spirit helps each and every one of us to stay true to You
You are the Word of God who lives among us
forever and ever


There are times, Lord, when we choose our own way
We can see where the path leads us
and we are happy to go along
Other times, we have to go where we do not want to go

Choices are made around us and for us, but not with us
Lord, I choose to follow You the way my heart tells me to
I love You, Lord,
and it is my choice to follow in Your steps – come what may


Lord, we all need each other to make us strong
There is strength in unity and weakness in isolation
We are vulnerable if left alone to our own devices

Together with You, Lord,
and by the help of God’s grace, we have courage
We stand with our heads held high

Deeply I believe that You are the Son of God and Son of Man
Joined to You, Lord, we find our way to an eternal life
of love and peace


Lord, do not allow us to be complacent
If we let down our guard
we will fall and be lost
Do not let us be overcome by sadness or fear of failure

Let us pray for the strength that is need for us to help those who are weaker
and more vulnerable than us
Always be on our guard against the temptation to complain
or give up trying
Let us pray to God for help
Saint Augustine – pray for us


Jesus, My Lord and My God,
I see You in the Blessed Sacrament
of the Holy Eucharist

I give thanks and praise to God because You are telling the whole world
that You are alive
I believe You are alive
and through You, we have knowledge of God Our Father
By the help of God’s Holy Spirit we find our way into eternal life
We are alive in You, Lord, forever


Lord, we are apart from the ones we love
We have been separated
by things not under our control
Blown by the wind and scattered all over the world

We, each of us, has a place to be
A place we call home
A place of safety and retreat
A place where God is with us
through the love of Jesus and His Holy Spirit

We are brave
and we are never left alone


Lord, we live in hope that better times will come along
Every day is a challenge
but each new breath we take is all we need to go on
The Spirit of God is the breath of new life

We pray, in Your name, and the name of the Father,
for the courage to face each new day with fresh hope
We ask for God’s strength to endure all hardship
We offer You our lives
and the love we have in our hearts for You, Lord Jesus


You are with me, Lord,
in the good times and the bad
You comfort me in my sadness
You fill the void of my loss

With joy You came into our world
And with joy You return to Our Father in Heaven
There is no mystery to Your life, death and resurrection
Everything happens for a reason

We all go back to where we came from
Be with me, Lord, day and night,
in darkness and light
until the end of time


Lord, You fulfilled Your mission on this earth,
beyond life into death
You leave us with the message of eternal life,
peace and happiness

By the power of the Holy Spirit
we step out into the world with courage
Our strength comes from knowing and believing
in Your Resurrection, Lord

Father, give us a faith so strong that we endure all hardship
on account of Your name,
the name of Jesus Our Lord
Alleluja, Amen


Yours is the world, Lord,
and everything in it
We are Yours,
we belong to You

You understand our situation
You know us from deep within our being
Intercede for us at God’s right hand

Even death cannot stop us from being with You
We are Yours in life and in death
Spirit of God, Yours is the earth, heavens, sea, air
and everything in them


Lord, everything You do is for our own good
Even when we fail to see it
All Your words and deeds stem from a heart
filled with love for all Your people

We pray to You, for our own good
and for the good of others
We all need Your help and loving kindness
We are in good hands because God takes care of us
by sending us His Holy Spirit
By these acts of goodness we will know we belong to God


The Spirit of life stays with me,
even after the point of death
The Spirit of truth stays in the world,
whether people choose to listen or not

The Spirit sustains me with the hope
that better times will come
Lord, You are with me, all the time,
day and night, light and dark are all the same
Because with You there is perpetual light, permanent truth
and constant joy
Alleluja, Amen


Sometimes our choices do not work out right
because of poor judgement or lack of knowledge
God’s choices are always good, just and fair
All knowledge is to be found in the heart of God
through Jesus, His Beloved Son

Lord, let my choices be guided by God’s Holy Spirit
Then I will belong to God
and serve Him with love and good judgement
I am not afraid to follow my heart
wherever it takes me


There is only one thing God asks us to do
That is, to love one another as God loves us
There can be no greater gift
than the gift of unconditional love

To love is to be free
Free from doubts and fear
Free from pain and suffering
Love turns mourning into joy

Love of God and God’s love for us
is the source of great happiness
Thank You, Lord, for Your great gift of love
Alleluja, Amen


Lord, there are no differences between us
Except those of our own making
We are one and the same, united through love
to become one heart that belongs to God

No one is deemed better than anyone else
But only those who love God with all their hearts
become close to Him

Lord, You know what is in my heart
My heart is filled with the joy of loving You always
You are One and the same forever
Alleluja, Amen


Our words, when written or spoken, are easy to throw away
No one listens when there is nothing to say
What could be more important than the Word of God?
The Spirit in the words You have spoken, Lord, lasts forever

The Word of God can never be thrown away or discarded
unless we choose to do so
It is our choice to listen or not
God’s truth comes to us by means of the word
and remains with us forever
That is why we pray to God, constantly, through Jesus Our Lord


Lord God, You do not force anyone to do anything
God works through our hearts
Jesus obeyed His Father and submitted to His fate
out of love for Him and for us

His Resurrection gives us all the confirmation we need
that God rules with love, mercy and compassion
God supports and encourages us to go on
despite all the difficulties we face
Lord, put fresh hearts into us
and renew our strength, faith, endurance and perseverance


Thank You, Lord, for all the good things You give to us
Every day is a blessing from God
and a chance to do the right thing

Love is the means by which we become close to You
And, through love, we get to know You and each other
To love You is to say thank You, Lord

The world and everything in it is in Your hands
My hands are raised in thanks and praise
to God Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Alleluja, Amen


The truth lasts forever
If the truth is within us,
we have gained eternal life
The Word of God is truth itself

Let us not listen to lies and half-truths
They cause harm but do not last forever
Lord, we ask You to lead us onwards and forwards
towards the everlasting light of life through truth
We pray for all who need God’s help the most,
today and always


Where do I find the truth
in the confusion and uncertainty that surrounds me, Lord?
I search for the truth
and I find You – You are the Truth

You are the bridge between life and death,
and the Way to Heaven from earth
In the hope of finding my true way
I have a purposeful life

And when I do find You
and discover my true place is with You,
then I will truly understand that
You are the Way, the Truth and the Life
Alleluja, Amen


There is an order to our lives
A plan which we do not understand
God stands ahead of us
and leads us in His Own Way

But we can choose which way to go
I pray to listen to the Word of God
Jesus lives within my heart
He orders the world with love and kindness

God’s Plan makes sense to those who look back
with the wisdom of hindsight
Lord, through Your intervention we look forwards
and trust in God’s Divine Plan


Lord, help me to confront my fears
To look at them in the light of Your presence
Under the light of Your love,
my fears disappear – one by one

God asks a great deal of each and every one of us
We are encouraged to act bravely
in order to live a life of truth and faith
God sent His Beloved Son to give us great words of support
Let us not be afraid to act on them
Lord, help me to be brave


By the gift of God’s grace we are made into good people
Goodness thrives in people of grace
Let us pray for the gift of grace to be given to us
so we might carry out the will of God Our Father

Father and Son are One through the Holy Spirit
Lord, strengthen us to carry on working for the good of all
and never give up trying
because Your grace sustains us
and creates people of goodness


Lord Jesus, You died for all of us,
so we might live in freedom and peace
Lord Jesus, You came back to life from death,
to show us how to live for all of us

We share a universal faith with everyone
who believes in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
We are baptised through the power of the Holy Spirit
This new life in Christ is for all of us

We live a life of freedom and peace
through the life, death and Resurrection
of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Alleluja, Amen


The body dies but the spirit lives on
God’s Holy Spirit consoles us over our loss
Jesus Our Lord, Son of God and Son of Man,
give us the gift of truth
and enable us to understand why someone has to die

Lord, Your Word is everlasting truth
and gives us life through Your Spirit
The time comes for us all to die
Our lives are in Your Hands

As You gave Your life so I give mine in return
Alleluja, Amen


Lord, it is time for me to turn my life around
To start again in a different direction
To see things from a different perspective
To work hard for You in ways I have never considered before

To be patient when times are hard
To persevere through difficult challenges
To overcome obstacles which prevent me from being close to You
Let every day be a day of honest work in the name of Our Risen Lord
Alleluja, Amen


We all need a teacher
Someone who can help us understand life and death
To help us make sense of the world around us

Lord, You were sent to teach us about God Our Father
It is through the Word of God made flesh
that we learn from the greatest teacher of all time
Let us open our hearts to hear the Word of God, joyfully
God speaks to us through Jesus, Our Risen Lord
Alleluja, Amen


Lord, You chose certain people to serve You
in a specially gifted way
May we be worthy custodians
of all the gifts You have given us

Help us to work hard on developing our skills and talents
and offer them up to You in the name of Jesus, Your Beloved Son

Faith is a great and wonderful gift
Faith sustains us through all the difficulties we face
Faith lights up the way to the Kingdom of God
through the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus
Alleluja, Amen


God gives us the gift of life
and continues to sustain us through Jesus His Son
Thank You, God Our Father, for the truth
and beauty of Your Holy Word

The Word lives on through our hearts
Let our minds accept the truth of Our Living God
Lord, Your Holy Presence is within us through Your Holy Spirit
God’s Spirit opens our eyes to see the everliving splendour of God the Father
and His gloriously risen Son, Our Lord Jesus
Alleluja, Amen


Lord, by the help of Your grace
I am able to live a life of faith
My faith in You keeps me close to You
Through the power of Your Holy Spirit
I become stronger and stronger with each passing day

Graces fall in abundance from the holy hands of perfection
Lord God, shower Your graces upon all of us who need Your help
Happy are those who are filled with God’s grace
Alleluja, Amen


Lord Jesus, You chose the right people
to do Your work on earth
They are the humble ones - the people who serve
and help one another

They are the ones who call You by Your Holy Name
And in the name of Jesus they have the ability to heal the sick, comfort the dying
and walk in the steps of the Risen Lord
Saint Mark, the evangelist – pray for us today and always


Nothing is impossible for God
God can do anything
All we have to do is ask
Trust in God and pray for help

Pray for all who cannot help themselves
Pray for patience to endure uncertainty and darkness
Pray to give hope to those who are searching
for a purpose to the lives

Lord, we search for You
and when we see You face to face
You give us everything we need
even the seemingly impossible

Glory, praise and thanks be to Jesus, Our Risen Lord
Alleluja, Amen


Jesus, You are risen from the dead
Thanks to You, we have the gift of eternal life
It is through You we ask God to heal the sick
and comfort the dying

You know what it is to suffer and die
but You also know what it is to live truly for God
Father, Son and Holy Spirit join in One to save us through Him
He who rose from the dead and lives on
Saint George – pray for us


Lord, send Your angels
to bring light into the darkness
The dark covers us with anxieties
Let us shake off the fears that imprison us
to prevent us from progressing

With the help of God’s grace
we stand firmly on the solid ground
of faith in Jesus, Our Risen Lord
Do not let us be afraid of the dark
Free us, Lord, by the light of Your love and grace
Alleluja, Amen


Heart and soul, body and mind
give glory and praise to God
We have seen the hidden face of God
in the Son of Man

Lord, Your courage and wisdom
encourage us to carry on
When times are hard
we know You are with us, constantly

Lift our heads up towards the sun
God’s Divine Light shines on everyone
Let us thank God with songs of joy and praise
all day long
Alleluja, Amen


Lord, stretch out Your hand
and heal us
Your Spirit fills the earth, giving life, hope and happiness
Thanks be to God for each day is a gift of new life

We have a chance to live and breathe
and do good work
We support one another through prayer
so as to not let ourselves be crushed by fear, loss and despair
Let us use our time to create new ways of giving praise and glory to God
Alleluja, Amen


God does not force anyone to believe in Him
I believe in God with my own free will
I see miracle after miracle
and I need no further proof of the existence of God

God loves us so much that He gave us His own Beloved Son
to intercede for us at God’s right hand
Be merciful, Lord, when the time comes for me to be judged


We see the hand of God at work in the many acts of kindness
taking place all around us
That is how we know where God is
and who He is

We see and we recognise Jesus Our Lord,
the Son of God, is alive and not dead any more
God lives through us and in our acts of kindness to one another
We share the life God gives us through acts of loving kindness


In the name of Jesus we are healed
and forgiven for all the times we have rejected Him
and His Holy Name

Through Jesus many people are brought closer to God
All the history of past generations reveals the truth of God’s Plan
God has chosen us to be witnesses to the Resurrection

Lord Jesus, You are God’s Son
and all power is vested in You
All will be revealed through You
in a way that we can truly understand


Lord, look at us, we have not given up
Our eyes are not downcast
Step by step, we walk towards You
to be close enough to see Your face

Lord, I look at You
and I see all the good You have done
Lord, help me to look and see
the good in everyone

Lord, I see and I hear You saying to me, “I am alive”
I recognise You at the breaking and the blessing of the bread of life
My heart burns with love for You
Alleluja, Amen


Lord, let me hear Your voice saying my name
Calling me
Drawing me towards You
and asking me to do Your work

Holy Spirit, enable me to recognise the voice of the Risen Lord,
speaking to me in my heart and in my mind
I know that You are alive, Lord
I believe in the power of Your Resurrection

Lord, turn all hearts and minds,
eyes and ears to You
and keep us close, always


Do not be afraid, says Our Lord Jesus
Trust in Me and believe in the Word of God
The truth is always with God
Those who search for the truth will find it

Deep in my heart I rejoice
and give glory and praise to God
Now Jesus is risen from the dead
we know that there is nothing to fear anymore

Christ is risen, Alleluia


Through darkness we look for the light
The light of God’s Son shines on even after death
Jesus, we know You are the Son of God made Man
in order to show us the way to live in the light of God’s love

Peace reigns after the suffering passes
Lord, through Your Passion and death on the Cross You have redeemed us
May God have mercy on all our souls
and bring us to eternal life


On this sad day, darkness comes over the earth
Confused and lost, we look upwards hoping for help
Lord, we only survive
by the help of Your grace

Lord Jesus, into Your Father’s hands You commend Your spirit
We place into Our Father’s hands all of our distress
as we long for the truth to triumph once more
Darkness passes, grief comes to an end and pain ceases
Remember, God is with us always


Lord, Bless and strengthen the people
who are serving the needs of the sick and dying
Wash away all fear and distress
with the waters of God’s Holy Spirit

Give us all the courage we need
to overcome suffering and pain
You give us hope, Lord,
as we remember Your passing from this life into the next

Everyone comes from God
And, at the end of life,
we return to God Our Father in Heaven


God Our Father listens to our prayers
We do not listen to the answers God gives to us
The truth is within our hearts
We have to dig deep in order to discover the answers

Relationships are complex
When we do not communicate with one another
wrong assumptions are made
and the truth is lost

Lord, help me to work hard at communicating with You
so my relationship with You grows stronger and deeper
every day of my life


In the darkness I search for You, Lord
You are my light
Because of You I can see my way
through the obstacles of life

Good and bad things happen all the time
Your people, Lord, are unpredictable
Lord, only Your eyes see the pattern of our behaviour
and can make sense of it

The bigger picture is clear to You but not to us
We glorify God forever for sending Jesus
to be our guiding light


Lord Jesus, You are gentle and kind
in a quiet but powerful way
Your goodness is known
through Your acts of selfless kindness

Your light gives us the hope to carry on
in challenging times of change
We can repay Your kindness
by being gentle and quiet like You

We pray to respect one another
and value every single life
for as long as we live


When the time is right
we will gather together in prayer once again
Lord, You make all things right
because You are truthfully the Son of God made Man

There is a time for reflection, peace and stillness
In this time we ponder over our lives
and all that we have done so far
For the time will come when we will be together for ever,
eternally at peace


God Our Father hears every prayer
and cry for help
Lord, help us to do good work
on Your behalf

Goodness is an achievable goal
because it is within our capability to do good works
Let us not be downhearted when things do not go according to plan
With care and patience, all wrongs can be put right
We go back to the beginning remembering our baptism
and start again with hope and optimism


God promises to be with us today and forever
Every moment of every day we are in God’s presence
His love gives us the strength to go on
regardless of how sad or lost we feel

There is nothing more reassuring than knowing
we are loved by God
Lord, You are sent to bring life and love
from God Our Father directly to us, now and always


Lord Jesus, You place Yourself in Your Father’s hands
I place myself in Your hands
God has the power to save us
I am free to choose what to believe

I believe Jesus is the Son of God
He has the power to set me free
Free me, Lord, from all oppression and hardship
Shield me from harm
I am safe within Your hands


Lord, we look up to You
to be saved
We ask You to heal the sick
May God help us through these difficult times

Lord, You look down on us from heaven
You see all the suffering
You hear every cry for help
Raise our spirits, our hopes and lift our heads upwards

Lord, You were lifted up out of death
by the power of God Our Father
As we make our prayers we look up
and we see the glory of Your living face


Lord, protect the vulnerable,
those who cannot protect themselves and are treated unjustly
And those who can no longer take care of themselves
Help the decision-makers to act justly and fairly on their behalf

Shield them from harm and danger
Do not let people take advantage of them
to meet their own selfish needs

Lord, we pray to You
You see all injustice
We ask for forgiveness when we have strayed from the truth


Lord Jesus, may Your name be always remembered
now and for all generations to come
Lord, You convince us that it does not matter where you come from
What matters is what we do with our lives from now on

Lord, there is no doubt who You are
You are the Christ, the Son of the living God
Through You we are judged according to our actions
May my actions lead me to You


Lord Jesus, You withstood the test of time
because the truth is that You came from God Our Father in Heaven,
and not from a place we know
We do not know a great deal and yet we act as though we do

We see things only from our own point of view
Our vision is limited by lack of faith
Lord, open my eyes to see how courageous and strong You are

In the eyes of God, we do not fail the test of time
when faith enables us to see the face of God
through Jesus Our Lord


Lord, You are the hidden face of God
Through You, we can see the truthful image of God Our Father
and Holy Spirit
In words of wisdom You teach us how to recognise You

In faith, we see Your beloved face
In faith, we hear Your truthful and beautiful words
In faith, we grow to know You, day by day
Lord, You are the hidden face of God


The will of God is holy
The Word of God profound
Spirit of God speak and I will listen
I ponder in my heart the truth

God is with us, always
When I say “Yes” to God and “here I am”
I say “I come to do Your will”
I need the grace of God in order to succeed

Mary Immaculate, you were chosen to be
the closest anyone can be to Jesus Our Lord
God trusted you
I, too, entrust everything to you,
today and always


Lord, You give me strength and courage
in times of trouble and distress
You see the ones who are suffering the most
and Your compassion goes out to them and us

Lord, comfort the dying, heal the sick
and give them hope
You are an eternally good and loving presence in our lives
It is Your courage which inspires us to carry on


Lord, You are the reason behind our hope
We look forward to a new future
different from the past
We will put the past behind us
and erase the painful times from our memories

Lord, You are the cause of our joy
We rejoice and thank You for the life we have been given
We ask You to heal the sick and comfort the dying
Let no one die alone or in pain


In Your eyes, Lord, we are all equal in value
No one is superior because we are judged by our actions
and not by our words or intentions
No one is inferior either,
because we are capable of changing our lives for the better

God is our only judge
We do not have the knowledge or the right to judge people fairly
We are asked to love one another without the need for judgement


The greatest gift I give is love
The greatest gift I receive is, also, love
Love unconditional is a love that comes straight from the heart

The greater the love the deeper the heart becomes,
filled with blessings and grace from God
through Jesus Our Lord
All is equal in the eyes of God
when we love God, ourselves and one another,


Saint Joseph, pray for us
and a life and a death like yours
Lord, we pray for a firm faith grounded in the strength of Your great love
just like Saint Joseph

Lord, we pray for a father’s love to be true and sincere
just like Our Father in Heaven
Give us a peaceful life and a happy death
We ask for the intercession of Mary and Joseph
through Jesus Our Lord


Lord, I pray for a peaceful life
When life is peaceful
we are able to thrive

Peace enables us to think and learn how to live
through the gifts of wisdom and understanding

Let us pray for peace
to be the purpose of the laws of God and man
Jesus Lord, You are the bridge between human and divine, life and death
and You are the bringer of peace


Lord God of compassion and mercy
I am seriously indebted to You
I owe You my life, past present and future

I thank You with my whole heart
for Your forgiveness and loving kindness
I pray from the depths of my heart
to be as kind, merciful and forgiving as I can be,
through the power of Your grace, Lord


God does not ask me to do anything too difficult
or beyond my means
Lord, when I hear Your Word, help me to listen
and carry out what You ask of me

Open my mind to understanding the will of God
Make my faith strong enough to withstand any pressure or influence
that stems from an absence of love and trust
Lord, You are the Word of God


God Our Father, forgive me
for all the things I have done wrong,
intentionally and unintentionally
God Our Father, take me back when I have gone astray

Your eyes were always looking out for me in the distance
I run into Your loving arms
I return into the warmth of Your loving embrace
God Our Father, Your love is immense
Your amazing presence is always there, waiting for my return


Lord, open my heart to the love that surrounds me
There is no limit to Your love
Your love is all embracing and forgiving
Do not let envy or jealousy destroy our closest relationships

There is no need to be afraid
because God’s love is for all time
When we doubt God’s love we lose our way
When we love God with all our hearts
we know we are in God’s Kingdom forever


Lord, You see the beauty that is hidden within my heart
Only You know me in the depths of my being
All wealth and treasure is stored in the heart
ready to spring open when the time of need arises

Let us make sure that our hearts are aligned to Yours, Lord
Through You we have the gift of eternal life and happiness


Lord, regardless of what the world might throw at me
I am not seeking revenge
Lord, regardless of the opportunities life has thrown my way
I am not seeking reward

Love is enough for me
Love is unconditional
Love influences behaviour in every aspect of life
Love indicates a better way

We know that hatred destroys lives
Therefore, let us love and serve one another
the way God intends us to


The beautiful bright colours of spring bring hopeful expectations
of good things to come
A chance to start looking at the world through new eyes

To listen with new attention
To act fairly, honestly and justly
To see the suffering of others
and try to help by meeting their actual needs
Not what we think is best for them
but what they truly need


Lord, You do not look down on me to judge my mistakes
Instead, You look at me with loving kindness in Your eyes
You see the good I could do if I try again
and do not give up on myself

If I act with loving kindness in deed and in word,
then I cannot go wrong
Lord, You expect me to do God’s will
and I try to do what You ask me,


Lord, ask of me what You will
and I will try my best to fulfil Your request
You do not ask me to do anything
beyond my capability

Whatever I do, in Your name, I do with all my heart and soul
You deserve no less
Heart and soul filled with love to the brim
acts, automatically, with loving kindness to everyone,
regardless of who they are or where they come from


Lord, You only want the best for me
Your will is for me to succeed
Even when I fail to live up to Your expectations,
You show me mercy

Lord, help me to live in the present
To learn from the mistakes I have made
and carve out a future which is good
A life of integrity, honesty, fairness and forgiveness


Thank You, Lord, for You have heard the cry of my distress
You have answered me by giving me the courage
to learn from my mistakes
You fill my heart with hope, love and happiness

Thank You, Lord, for helping me find Your solace
in times of sorrow and grief
Thank You, Lord, for listening to my words
Thank You for Your kind words
Words which strengthen my trust and belief


May God help those who are in most need
of His loving kindness
Not just those we know
but also, those we do not know

God sees need and suffering
and He responds with mercy and compassion
I offer You my prayers, Lord, for all those in the greatest need
You Lord, are the greatest presence in this world and the next


Every prayer that comes from the depths of our hearts is a success
For God hears and attends to every sigh of suffering and distress
No one is left to cry alone,
unsuccessfully asking for help

God helps us in so many different ways
it is impossible for us to grasp how, why and when
Lord, help me to succeed in living a prayerful life


How do I show I love You, Lord?
By not harming others, knowingly or unknowingly
By trying to do good just as You did, Lord
By not holding back my love from my sisters and brothers

I know who You are, Lord,
through Your acts of goodness and holiness
I show You I love You
through my acts of loving kindness towards others


Sometimes we are just waiting for someone to come along
and change everything
To take a risk and to break out of a solid routine
in which we have trapped ourselves

My spirit is free to go wherever it chooses to go
My heart is capable of giving much love
My life is poised on the edge
waiting for You, Lord, to call me
and say, “Follow Me”


All things pass in time, good and bad
Nothing stays the same
Everything, seen and unseen, passes away
But the important things remain

Acting with fairness, justice and integrity is a way of life
It should not come and go as we please
Lord, I trust in Your goodness
because God is always the same

God does not turn away from anyone
who calls out for help
Stay with me, Lord,
while I am in need of Your help


Lord, I have a free will
I can choose one way or another
One day I will be strong, the next I will be weak
My choices are not always good for me

I pray to follow my heart wherever You lead me
I pray to hear Your words
and understand what I am expected to do
It is up to me to choose
I choose to follow You, Lord,

Lord, You have forgiveness in one hand
and healing in the other
I stand before You, in the silence of my heart,
and ask You to lay Your hands upon me
so I may be forgiven and healed at the same time

Through Your hands, we receive grace from God
which helps us to endure the hard times
Bless us, Lord, with Your holy hands and save us from sin


Where can I turn to, Lord?
Only to You
You know how to lift my life
You light the way out of my dark place

You raise my spirit so that it soars high above the heavens
Trying to find its way back to You

No one is greater than You
Only You know me, deep inside
All I want to do is pray to be close to You


Faith teaches us how important it is to pray
Prayer strengthens faith
Constant prayer leads to acts of kindness and compassion
Prayer is how to communicate with God Our Father
through the grace and mercy of Jesus Our Lord

Prayer comes out of love
Love is the basis of healing prayer
Lord, I pray for healing
Heal those who need Your help the most


Lord, You raise me up every day
by teaching me how to value myself
In the silence of my heart I learn the value of listening
Tell me when to speak and when to stay quiet

Listening does no harm
Speaking without thinking causes harm
The kind of damage that cannot be repaired

When I listen attentively I learn how to do good
and avoid harming others
Lord, help me to listen


Do not be afraid to walk right up to the edge
Faith is tested by the trials and tribulations of life
Lord, make my faith strong and my deeds courageous
For there is no gain without some loss

Lord, I give You my trust, willingly,
because I know God wills me to do good
and saves me from harm, always


Lord, You are the only One
who thinks according to the mind of God
Your words and thoughts come from God
You are Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Man

Your love is the same as God’s love
You love all of us in exactly the same way
No one is better or worse than me or you
Align my thoughts with Yours, Lord,
according to the will and mind of God


Lord, I know I fail You, at times
I am overcome by sorrow and fatigue
Overwhelmed by the tide of troubles and grief
I cannot see what is in front of me

But, I know Lord, sometimes I succeed
in living out Your purpose for me
You see me struggling and You tell me to try again
until I can see clearly where I am going
Only You, Lord, know how to help me deep down inside


God does not change
The love of God is constant
and source of the light of life
No shadow covers the face of God

Lord, open my eyes
to see the true likeness of God
reflected in Your love

I learn how to live
through the good teaching of the Word of God
Take the time to know, understand
and accept the true meaning of life eternal with God


Lord, help me to rid myself of all doubts and fears
Keep me straightly aligned to Your Way
Lead me along the path of wisdom
so I live a life of good purpose

I need to clear away everything material
that stops me being close to You, Lord
May every prayer I make
come straight from the depths of my heart
and ascend to You in Heaven


Love leads us straight to You, Lord
The way to love is to know You through prayer
When I pray I show You, Lord,
that I care about my fellow human beings

Love is the way to become close to God
through Jesus Our Lord
There is one true God
but there are many ways to show we love Him
Lord, lead me along the way of love


Take my heart into Your heart, Lord
Take my hands into Your hands
Surround me with Your unbounded love
so I am always close to You

Open my eyes to see how amazing You are
in the world You created
Open my mouth so I speak words of joy and happiness,
giving comfort and solace when needed
Open my hands to work for You – to serve You with all my heart


Lord, protect my heart by surrounding me with Your love
Your love is pure and can never do me any harm
But there will be those around me who tempt me away from the heart of God

Those who cannot believe in You, try to turn others away too
My place is with You
Do not let me be distracted by the actions of those who belong only to this world
My aim is to be within Your heart always


Only good comes from the heart of God
through Jesus
Only good intentions come from the depths of a heart
that belongs to God

Only good comes from wisdom and understanding the Word of God
through His Holy Spirit
Only good comes through us when we believe in God’s goodness
and follow Jesus with all our hearts


By praying we walk the way that leads us closer to God
Walk and pray from the heart and God will take our hands
and hold them close to the heart of Jesus Our Lord

And when I am tired from walking open my heart to the sound of Your voice
and let every breath I take become a prayer
Our Lady of Lourdes – pray for us


Jesus Lord, You are the hidden face of God
God makes known His power and might
through the gentle hands of Jesus
Lord, Your touch heals the sick, disabled and broken hearted

Your compassionate way brings a holy order
into our chaotic world
Lord, Your peaceful presence brings solace and rest to the weary
Jesus Lord, Your light shows us the heart of God


Teach me, Lord, how to be a good person
Show me how to make wise and good decisions
I look for You, Lord, to guide me

When I turn to You for help, You take pity on me
and teach me to understand the value of Your words
You are the Word of God, and everyone runs to You to be close to God
We know You will help us


Lord, take my words
and make them truthful and sincere
Lord, take my gifts
and make them work to praise You in goodness and holiness

Lord, take my life, my heart, my soul
and create beautiful sounds of joy and sorrow
Lord, You give life and You take it away again
All I have is Yours anyway
Make it work for You, always


Lord, I aim to be strong enough to carry out Your purpose
You will each one of us to carry out a mission for You
God’s greatest mission was sending You, Lord,
to heal us and help us on earth

I pray for the strength of mind and will that You showed us
May my ancestors be as proud of me as I am proud of them
in carrying out their mission here on earth


Times change
People move on
There is no point in staying the same
The past has gone
It is time to let go

Lord, forgive my past mistakes
and help me to learn from them
Strengthen my faith
so I rely on my own instincts to make the right decisions
from now on
Let go and move away from the source of sadness and distress


Lord, You have the power to cure our ills
I need only feel Your presence close to me
and I am healed
God gives every one of us a free will –
to believe or not to believe in the power of Jesus to heal

Life is too precious to give up on
While ever I breathe
I am alive to God’s loving touch of healing
I am wide awake
and very much aware of the mighty power of prayer
to heal


Lord, I turn to You for help and for healing
God is the way to save the lost and the lonely
Lord, I come to You to ask for Your healing help

No one else knows how to mend the broken heart, mind and spirit
Only God knows how to save those who are troubled in soul and body
Lord, help and heal all who are suffering in pain and in distress


I do not wish to offend You, Lord,
by wasting my life away
Or cause You pain by hurting others
through selfishness

Instead, I wish to serve You with love and devotion
Open my eyes and wake me up to my own faults
Give me the gifts of mercy and compassion
and a faith strong enough
to withstand all the trials and tests of time that befall me


Lord, Your Kingdom is all around me
I find myself within Your world without being aware of it
Your goodness is everywhere to be found
Your mercy abounds

You are all knowing and all forgiving if we only but knew it
Love is Your gift to us
Love is the Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God is love everlasting
Have mercy on me, O Lord


Your words are true and fair, Lord
Help me to pay attention to what You are saying
and understand what I am meant to do

Lord, bless my efforts to carry out Your will to the best of my ability
Blessed be the Word of God who promises to be with us till the end of time
God’s word is alive and active in us
and in our world today


I make a home for You, Lord, in my heart
Love is the rich soil through which the Word of God comes into the world
Your Word is planted in my heart to stay in me
and work through me for the duration of my life

Times and circumstances change
but the Word of God remains the same
Help me to grow and develop into a person of strong and lasting faith and love


Bless us Lord God of Hosts
You have brought us together, nurtured us
and given us the hope of eternal life
May Your blessing make me strong in faith
and bring me close to You

The closer I am to You, the closer I am to all who are close to God
We are a family that belongs to God Our Father
By doing God’s will we become the family of God
through the blessing of Jesus Our Lord


Holy Spirit of God – guide me
Through Jesus make our spirits one with each other
Build my life on solid ground
on foundations that are firm and strong

Direct me when I lose my way
Channel my resources to serve You
in the best way possible
Holy Spirit – be with me, night and day,
and every moment of my life


What seems to me to be the end
is sometimes the very beginning
Suddenly everything changes
and nothing remains the same

Lord, this is my chance to start again
Turn my life around
Open my eyes to let the light of wisdom penetrate my mind

Change is part of the natural order of things
I pray to change my life today
Saint Paul, pray for us


Lord, You have shown me Your goodness many times
and in many different ways
Your good works are seen throughout creation
I can see it with my own eyes
I can feel it in my heart

You have given me a part to play
in the spreading of Your goodness
May everyone come to know the goodness of God
through the acts of all who know, love and serve God


The Word of God is wisdom, knowledge and understanding
Lord, Your acts of healing and compassion speak volumes about who You are
You are the One who steps in
and speaks on our behalf

Thanks be to God
for in Jesus we have someone powerful and all knowing
in whom we can place all our trust


I wish to do good
I pray to do no harm
No one is perfect
We can only strive for perfection

To do good is an act of success hidden within the heart
To do wrong is an act of failure
and cannot be hidden from God
We pray for all who strive to do good

May God give them the strength to overcome all adversity,
regardless of the odds stacked against them


God sees into our hearts
God sees what is important to Him
and not what appears important to us
No matter what we do we are never far away from God’s view

Keep Your eyes on me, Lord
Make sure I am doing the right thing by You
Help me understand the ways of the world
so I never lose my way or my closeness to You


A new day begins with the rising of the sun
Every day becomes a new opportunity to change
and live a better life
according to the will of God

I discard the old and start again anew
Change has to take place
To stay the same means going backwards towards self destruction
I pray my life begins again, every day


Love rules my heart
I do not need to tell You, Lord, what is in my heart
My heart rules my head

I do not have to show You, Lord, what I do
You know my thoughts and my intentions
I do not have to search for You, Lord,
for You are firmly embedded in my heart

You take me for who I am and accept me as I am
Take my heart into Your heart
and make me better than I am


Faith brings us closer to God
Great faith allows us to see the face of God
through Jesus Our Lord
I believe in God

God listens to me
and acts with justice and compassion
Let my faith be transparent to You, Lord
Fill my heart with the joy and bliss of being close to You, always
Help me find my way to see Your beloved face