Special Occasions


Lord, the light and warmth of the sun come from You
The darkness of the night disappears
and every new day begins a new life
With no looking back in dismay

Onwards into the light
I hold out my hand to You and we walk together
Renewed with energy, abounding in enthusiasm
Filled with zeal and passion

I am ablaze with the fire of a Love beyond all telling
I am only a small being
but I grow taller every day
in stature and strength

Lord, You make me stand tall and
I am strong in the centre of my being

Lord, let hope be the watchword of this Advent
Hope in the life that is to come
Hope for a new and better life
Let peace reign in my heart and home

I wait for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ
May every new dawn bring the light and warmth of hope into my life