Special Occasions


Lord, I start my life every new morning
when I see I am alive
I have the gift of life

I live in the newness of life when I start afresh
looking towards You
and at a bright new future
that lives in You and with You

You bless each new day with justice, with truth
and the promise of everlasting love and peace
You open my life up to new possibilities
of enriching my prayer life

The world is not only what we see
but also what we are unable to perceive with our physical eyes
There is always hope in new life
I pray for everyone to wake up to a glorious new morning
every day of their lives


Lord, show us how to bring peace to our troubled world
A world where people believe that the end justifies the means
Doing wrong, to achieve an end that causes pain, suffering, loss and humiliation, can never be justified in Your eyes
Peace can come
All we have to do is look at the hidden face of Christ on the cross
And take the time to reflect

Lord, You show us that peace comes from humility and loving kindness and acceptance
And not from arrogance
The peace and love of Jesus, God made man, is the way and the means
His mission is to show us the way to peace.