Past Sunday Prayers

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 18th 2021


I am close to You, Lord,
when I love and serve You
Love brings people together
and the bond of love can never be broken

It may seem that separation is permanent
when I cannot see the faces of those I love,
but there is no faraway place from love

Lord, I cannot see You with my eyes,
nor hear Your voice,
but I know You are always close to me

No matter how far away we are from each other,
our love for You brings us close together
In Your presence, Lord, I know I am safe, cared for and happy
That is why we all rejoice and sing joyfully
with one voice, Thank You, Lord

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 11th 2021

It is through God’s great love
that we are given the gift of grace
The abundance of grace helps us
to live a life of peace

Our purpose in life is made clear
through the grace of wisdom
We love God and one another
the way God loves us

Jesus, You are God’s great gift of love
Through You, we learn how to be compassionate and merciful
You help us through the difficult times
Lord, give me the grace to carry out Your purpose

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 4th 2021

My weakness is Your strength, Lord
My blindness is Your sight
My humility is Your gift
My trust is Your gain

Lord, turn my pain into joy
Do not let me become sad because of the disappointments I suffer
I have to keep trying regardless of my feelings of dismay
Lord, You are my strength

I make my home in Your heart
Your love enfolds me and keeps me strong
With Your eyes I can see my purpose
Through Your Spirit I have courage to step forward
And look up to God Our Father in heaven

I pray to be strong in my times of weakness

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 27th 2021

Let us not be afraid to ask for God’s help
Our Lord Jesus is loving and kind
He sees and feels our suffering
He is aware of our pain

We have faith in You, Lord
We know You have the power to make us well again
Lord, strengthen our faith
And give us the courage to carry on

Life is a precious gift from God
Beauty surrounds us
We are part of God’s creation
Lord, each one of us, no matter what our situation,
is capable of doing great things

We pray our lives live up to God’s plan
We pray through Jesus Our Lord,
the One who heals all ills

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 20th 2021

Lord of the wind, sky and sea – bring us peace
We are frightened when we are not in control of our environment
Trouble overwhelms us
When we turn to one another,
we find we all have the same fears

Only You, Lord, have the power to bring peace into our lives
Remove our doubts and fears
We have nothing to be afraid of if we stay faithful to You
Make our faith strong, Lord,
and bring peace into our troubled lives

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 13th 2021

Lord, plant the seed of Your Word in my heart
There, deep within my heart, it grows unseen and unheard
Every day, my prayer helps the seed to grow
I pray to hear Your voice in the silence of prayer

I pray to see how to make it grow strong
I pray for Your word to reach out, far and wide, as far as it is possible to go
Lord, give me the confidence to pray daily, in everything I do and say
Let me be close to You through the prayers I make

May Your Kingdom grow and flourish in our lives
As every prayer becomes a seed of Your Word
which bursts into life
and flows out into the world

June 6th 2021

There is no greater gift than
to give one’s own life to save others,
even those who appear not to deserve
such a great sacrifice

The joy is in giving, unreservedly, so that
everyone has the same chance to be saved
So, when we pray for people we do not know,
but who have the greatest need,
we are doing as God asks us to

We are following the example of Jesus,
who made the ultimate sacrifice of His life
in service for the good of others,
and in death, He gave us God’s promise of eternal life

Thank God we have You, Lord,
You are alive – Body and Blood – for the many of us
who are alive today
You are our hope of redemption

May 30th 2021

The greatness of God goes way beyond
the scope of our imagination
We stand in awe and gaze in wonder
at the magnificence of God’s creation

We are all part of God’s created world
God does not leave us to fend for ourselves
God gives us His Spirit
to lead us along the right way

Guided by the light of truth and beauty
God Our Father gives us His Beloved Son, Jesus
To nurture us
so we become strong in faith and love

By the help of God’s grace we are led into a life
that is good and holy
We pray for the blessing of
God Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit


May 23rd 2021

Spirit of great happiness – come to us
And bring us peace
Spirit of joy – come to us
And set us free

Spirit of love – come to us
And fill our hearts completely
Spirit of truth – come to us
And strengthen our faith

Spirit of hope – come to us
And give us courage and wisdom
Spirit of life – come to us
And breathe into and for us
when are afraid to live

Holy Spirit – come to us
Unite us in the One Body of Christ
We pray together in one voice
“Come Holy Spirit – renew the face of the earth”

7th Sunday of Easter
May 16th 2021

Lord, without love we are lost
We search for all the wrong things
And we stay unsatisfied and become confused
Love is the goal of our lives

Love comes naturally through the hands of God
Just as Jesus came with love to teach us how to live in love and truth
It is never too late to turn our lives around
Do not let us go beyond the point of no return

May Your love light up our way so we face in the right direction
Love encircles us with beauty and truth
We sing with all our hearts because love is joyful
And brings true happiness

Love is the one gift from God
which we all share
through His Holy Spirit

6th Sunday of Easter
May 9th 2021

The greatest gift we can give is love
Love is the greatest gift we can receive
God’s love is given to all of us on one condition
That we love one another as God loves us

Everyone is included – no one is left out
Only those who choose to refuse God’s great gift of love
Lord Jesus, You are God’s Beloved Son
You take us by the hand and lead us through life
You hold out Your arms and pull us towards You
in a loving embrace

You give us Your Holy Body and Blood in the Eucharist
We sing our thanks with great joy
for this amazing gift of Your love

5th Sunday of Easter
May 2nd 2021

You, Lord, are the love of my life
Every word and thought; deed and intention is based on love
Everything grows strong and healthy when tended with love
The sick are healed by love

You, Lord, are the source of love
Through You we grow in strength and faith
Your Spirit stays within our hearts
And drives us forwards with courage to do Your will

You, Lord, are the glory of Your Father in Heaven
In You we all find a place of peace and solace
You, Lord, are my strength and my hope
I pray to stay with You, always
Attached to You through love
May Your love always be my life

4th Sunday of Easter
April 25th 2021

In the name of Jesus Our Lord
We ask to be healed and stand upright
To see the face of God and live

In the name of Jesus Our Lord
We ask to be listened to
To be cared for and kept safe from all danger and harm

In the name of Jesus Our Lord
We ask for a peaceful life
Help us to understand one another
and to act with love and kindness
We are Your children, Lord,
and we need Your love and protection

In the name of Jesus Our Lord
We ask to be made worthy
to receive the gift of Your Holy Body and Blood
We pray to do God’s will
in the name of Jesus, His Beloved Son

3rd Sunday of Easter
April 18th 2021

We are witnesses to the truth of God’s presence
in the Holy Eucharist
We see the light of God’s love

Raise our spirits
and give us hope in a future
based on faith, hope and love

Our actions bear witness to the truth of God
With new found courage and an absence of fear
we step out of the dark
and into the light where we can be seen
to be God’s witnesses
to the truth of the Resurrection

Lord, make us worthy to receive the great gifts
of truth and peace
We pray to be true witnesses
all the days of our lives


We have not seen You Lord
But we love You
You show us Your Divine Mercy
By giving us the glorious gift of Your Son, Jesus
And the precious gift of faith in You

Help us, Lord, to trust in Your goodness
that You always know what is best for us
We ask to remain faithful to You
no matter what happens
all the days of our lives
and till the end of time


April 4th 2021

The first rays of light bring in a new awakening dawn
And with them the Easter message of new hope, life and a fresh beginning
Giving our daily lives a fuller and richer meaning
Through the Resurrection we see our Risen Lord
With the faith that needs no proof or signs

Lord, Your promise to be with us always is all we will ever need
You have planted in us the holy seed
From which will grow a rich and bountiful harvest
You have shown us how to reap what we sow
Praise and glory be Yours, yesterday, today and tomorrow


March 28th 2021

Lord, nothing is what it seems
Good comes from bad
Bad comes from good
Rejoicing turns into jeering

You spent Your life healing
But instead of thanking You
They condemned You to death

When our lives begin we think we will live forever
But in midlife we realise that time is of the essence
Lord, You teach us the value of prayer
It is through prayer that we are carried forwards
nto the goodness of light and love

Love is unchanging
Love lasts forever
Lord, You are everything we need to see the world as it really is
We pray to be united as one being in the body of Christ

5th Sunday of Lent
March 21st 2021

Lord, take me by the hand
Lead me, and I will follow You
It is my purpose to serve You
Through prayer and acts of goodness

Father, show me how to do good
Come into my heart
So that I know You as well as I know myself
Being close to You is the most natural way to be

Everything in this life makes sense through the will of God
Even death
The end of life on earth and the beginning of eternal life
Lord, help us to live life to the full with You alongside us

Do not let us waste one moment in the pursuit of idle dreams
God Our Father, we glorify You, thank You and praise You
Through Jesus Our Saviour

4th Sunday of Lent
March 14th 2021

We pray to live a good life from the beginning to the end
We need Your gift of grace, Lord, to keep us going when life is tough
We need the light of Your love to shine in our hearts to show us the way to live
according to the will of God Our Father

We are a people who live in the light
Darkness cannot overcome us
Lord, You are the Saviour of the world
Every one of us is saved by Your grace

We thank You, Lord, for everything You have done and continue to do for us
Help us to live a good life in the presence of God