Past Sunday Prayers

5th Sunday of Lent
March 29th 2020

Lord, keep us alive and well
through the power of Your Holy Spirit
Have mercy on us
and fill us with Your grace

We need Your grace to survive the times of trouble and distress
Hear our prayers which come from the depths of our hearts
The quiet sighs of desperation and the words and the tears of fear

Lord, You wept openly at the death of Lazarus
to show everyone how much You loved him
Through Your tears You told the world
that You are the Resurrection and the life

We do not die when we are filled with God’s Spirit
Through Jesus Our Lord, we live on in love with God
for all eternity

4th Sunday of Lent
March 22nd 2020

Lord, You see straight into my heart
You can tell how much love is in there
and how much harder I need to work on my relationships
To love the people I see and to love the people I do not see

My eyes see the glory of the Son of God and Son of Man
I see You through a heart filled with love to the brim
This is how we learn how to see things as they really are
and not as we wish them to be

A heart filled with love cannot be broken
Lord, make me strong in my faith
Strengthen my love, mercy and compassion
and forgive me my sins
Keep me away from harm
and draw me ever closer to You

3rd Sunday of Lent
March 15th 2020

God works through the spirit of truth
All who seek God’s truth will find it in the Word of God
When we put all our trust in God,
there is no room for doubt or fear

Anyone with an open heart
and a generous spirit is acceptable to God
God works through the heart
The more we fill our hearts with love, the deeper they become

Lord, make use of my resources
You see what I do
and what I am capable of doing in future
Come, let us listen to the Spirit of God
who speaks lovingly through the Word of God
– straight into our hearts

2nd Sunday of Lent
March 8th 2020

Lord, the light of Your love shines even in the darkness
Even when we cannot see, Your light is still there
Even in the darkness of death, Your light shines continuously

A brightness that always shines on us
and can never be extinguished
except by the absence of love

We have no reason to be afraid if we stay close to You Lord
Sustain us through the difficult times
with the power of Your love and grace
Bless us and help us to listen to Your Word
and see the magnificence of Your beauty and truth
Yours is a light that can never go out

1st Sunday of Lent
March 1st 2020

Lord, You created perfect human beings
and entrusted us with the gift of free will
We are capable of doing great and good things
in Your name

We are also capable of doing great harm
to our world and to our brothers and sisters
We pray for the strength of will to resist the temptations of this world

The promises with which we are tempted are hollow
There is no substance to them
You, Lord, stand above all of creation
but You do not stand alone
We choose to be with You
and to be nourished by the bread of eternal life

Life is hard enough
but without the gift of Your grace,
it is impossible for us to survive

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 23rd 2020

Where the heart is full of love there is no room for hatred
Forgiveness becomes a natural instinct
Compassion is the normal way of life
You do not have to think twice about how to react to the spoken need

Love gives the automatic response
An open heart allows the Holy Spirit to enter in
We can rely on God’s grace and wisdom to do the right thing
Love makes life easier not more difficult

Let us not be afraid to love God and one another, unconditionally
Where there is love, there is no room for hatred
God assures us that good always overcomes evil, eventually

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 16th 2020

Everything good comes from love
A love so deep nothing can make it go away
Through love, God shows me how to live
the way Jesus lived

God asks us to love God and one another
Only good comes out of love
May God’s Holy Spirit reach right into the depths of my heart
and teach me how to live
and love as God intends me to

No one can know the mind of God
God is love
and love makes the heart and mind grow in wisdom and strength

May God’s love surround me always,
protect me from harm
and help me to choose right from wrong

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 9th 2020

Life is powered by the light of love
Living in the light and walking through the darkness
hand in hand with both joy and sorrow

Our time is limited and there is much to be done
By the power of God’s love we are driven in the right direction
Life is a joint venture, a partnership with God

God lights up our lives so we can find our way back to Him
through the love of Jesus Our Lord
Lord, You are the light of my life
I praise You with all my heart
and I thank You for the joy of knowing, loving and serving You

The Presentation of the Lord
February 2nd 2020

Open my eyes, Lord, to see the goodness of God all around me
Open my mind to wisdom, understanding and knowledge of God
Remove all my fears and doubts about life and death
Open my life to all the possibilities available to me
That I may fulfil my destiny

Help me to stand up straight always looking forward with hopeful optimism
Your light fills my heart with the constant love of God
The time will come when all will be revealed through the light of Our Lord
Open my heart, Lord, to receive the great gifts of love and compassion
May the light of God live in me and through me

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 26th 2020

Light of God, give us hope
Lord, lead us out of the darkness and into the light of Your love
Hope enables us to look forward to the future
and place our trust in God

God heals and God consoles
In Your Kingdom, Lord, the light of love shines constantly
There are no shadows, no divisions, no arguments, no feuds and no quarrels
Love forgives

Lord, light up my life with hope and love
Take me firmly by the hands and call me by my name
There is much work to be done
if we are all to enter into Your Divine Kingdom

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 19th 2020

Holy Spirit of God, bring Your light into the world
Shine the light of God’s love into our hearts
Make us visible to the world
so we have the confidence to be seen for who we are and what we do

Remind us of our baptismal vows
We promise to be faithful to You, Lord,
and to carry out Your will to the best of our ability
The light shines in the darkness bringing hope and peace into the world
We listen in the peace of our hearts to the holy Word of God
We live to serve Our God all the days of light and dark

Sunday, January 12th 2020

Spirit of God made present in Jesus Our Lord, renew my baptismal vows
and fill me with the love of God
Bring me close to You
and to those who love You

You are truly beloved
Beloved by God the Father
and beloved through God the Spirit
Beloved by all of us who belong to Your family

Make me strong in faith
to resist the temptation to be drawn into a world
where I am not loved for who I am

I am beloved to You, Lord
As You are Beloved to me
The Word of God thunders from the heavens
and speaks of justice and peace
Open my ears and my eyes
to the glorious sound and sight of Your wonderful presence among us

Second Sunday after Christmas
January 5th 2020

The wisdom of God has been with us from the beginning
Shaping the world and everyone in it
The grace and truth of God is given to us
through God’s Holy Spirit

I pray to grasp this great gift of wisdom
and keep it close to me always
The Word of God comes to us through the Holy Spirit
Enlighten my mind, Lord,
and fill me with knowledge and understanding

Shine the light of truth into my heart
and lead me through the great power of love
Send me grace to strengthen me
and be with me from the beginning again
and to the end of my life

Feast of the Holy Family
December 29th 2019

Jesus, Mary and Joseph – You are the Holy Family
We belong to You
Come to live deep in the heart of our homes
Bring so much love with You that it overflows into the whole wide world
Lord God, Our Heavenly Father, we ask You to bless all fathers, mothers and children
May the peace of Christmas be with us today and always

4th Sunday of Advent
December 22nd 2019

Jesus Our Lord, You are the sign from God
that leads us to holiness
Through Your goodness we become closer
and closer to God Our Father

God’s Spirit is with us from the beginning of time
God’s love is constant
Nothing can separate us from the love of God
Not even death

So, we are not afraid of what is to come
Instead we rejoice and are happy
to be in the company of the Most Holy One

Created through the Holy Spirit
and with the cooperation of Mary and Joseph
God became Man and lived among us
Let us prepare a peaceful place for Jesus
in our hearts, our lives and our homes

3rd Sunday of Advent
December 15th 2019

Let us rejoice and be happy
The Lord Our God is near
He gives us courage
and takes away our fear

God saves us from ourselves
All our doubts disappear
We reach deep inside our hearts
To find God’s reassurance there

Lord, we prepare a way for You with our lives
We place all our trust in You
Heal us in mind, body and spirit
Make our faith unbreakable

Show us how we can live with You
in the Kingdom of Heaven
We wait patiently for Your coming
Singing songs of joy and praise

2nd Sunday of Advent
December 8th 2019

Prepare the way,
for the Lord Our God is coming to save us
Deep within my heart there is a place of peace, love and integrity

God protects and shields me from danger and harm
My trust is in the mercy of God
God of forgiveness, healing and compassion
I prepare a place for You in my heart, my home and my life to come

God is ever present amongst us
Guide me Lord, along the right path
Give me the wisdom of Your Holy Spirit
and the courage to carry out Your will, always

1st Sunday of Advent
December 1st 2019

I wake up to the light of the morning
Lord, lift up my eyes to the very top of the highest mountain
Draw me up, Lord, to follow the path You have designed for me

I can never repay You
for all Your goodness and kindness to me
I will try to live up to Your expectations
and strive never to disappoint You
The light of Your love surrounds me,
giving me strength and the support I need
to stand straight and look towards You

You are the centre of all that is holy and true
I aspire to do my best
in order to become close to You