Past Sunday Prayers

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 13th 2020

Praying is a way to make peace with the world
Praying gives us time to think, peacefully,
about everything that concerns us, our mental health
and state of well being

We must allow the passage of time
to enable us to dissipate the anger and resentment in our hearts and minds
Time heals all wounds through forgiveness
We can only forgive if we have mercy and compassion

Are we so perfect that we cannot forgive?
No one is perfect, except You, Lord God
Through Your example we learn how to be merciful, compassionate and forgiving
A heart filled with love has no room for anger and resentment

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 6th 2020

Lord, our purpose is to love one another
and help each other when we are asked to help
Love is a safe place for us to tell the truth about what we are thinking about
and doing, that is wrong

Lord, help us to find that safe place in each others’ hearts
where we can unburden ourselves and not be judged harshly
There is a reason for every action under the sun
God understands us because Jesus is one of us as well as being One with God

Lord, You are the safe place in my heart
I come to You to seek help
I pray to be that same place of safety for my fellow human beings too

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 30th 2020

There is a way to endure suffering
That way requires faith and trust
There is a way to overcome death
That way is open to us through You, Lord Jesus

You are the way to eternal life and You are the doorway to heaven
Through the mercy of God we are given the light of hope
Hope helps us to deal with the sufferings of this life

Lord, we need Your grace to open our eyes to see the true presence of God
God is in the sanctuary of our hearts
We pray to love and to be loved
as we shelter under the wings of hope, mercy and forgiveness

My life belongs to You, Lord
I accept everything that comes my way
through the love of Jesus Christ Our Lord

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 23rd 2020

Jesus Lord, You are the Christ, the Son of the living God
I thank You for planting the Word deep in my heart
May it take root there and become stronger every day
The truth is powerful in itself

God has the power to save all souls who turn to Him for help
The Word unlocks the secrets of life
and solves the mystery of eternal life after death
Make me ready, Lord, to receive the wisdom of Your Word in truth and in love

I pray to be strong enough to resist temptation
and to reject the false rewards of this world
God became Man and lived among us
God did this great kindness because He loves us
and desires us to be happy, always

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 16th 2020

Who do we turn to in our times of distress?
We look for the face of the One whom we trust
We seek out the presence of the One who can save us
Only I know what is best for me and I choose You, Lord

You are the One who is merciful and kind to those who ask for Your help
You do not turn away from anyone who seeks You with a sincere heart
You hear the prayers of all the faithful
A person who loves You is bound to be faithful to You, out of love and respect

Let us pray for all who are lost in mind, body and soul
Turn our faces towards You, Lord, so that the light of Your love heals us
and restores our sense of well being

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 9th 2020

Lord, You speak to us through the peace we have in our hearts
We need peace and solace to be able to pray
When we pray we pray for peace
Peace in our lives
Peace in the world

We cannot communicate without peace
Lord, You take me gently by the hand
and draw me towards God Our Father, the source of all goodness, mercy and peace

I am not afraid any more
I do not doubt that You save me
All I have to do is reach out and hold on to Your hand of peace
I can hear Your voice speaking gently straight into my heart
I have faith – I will not let go of You

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 2nd 2020

It is only love that has the power to save us
It is love that works its way through our sadness
We come through to the other side
and see the world through the eyes of love and compassion

Love dissipates anger and makes us wholly Yours, Lord
When we turn to You for help we receive Your gift of love in abundance
Love feeds our soul
Love makes our faith strong

Love unites us in one continuous prayer of thanksgiving
Love ensures we are never separated from the heart of Jesus
Lord Jesus, save us, heal us, feed us with the food of eternal life
and cleanse us with the waters of baptism
Let us never underestimate the great power of God’s love

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 26th 2020

To follow the rule of love is to obey the law of God
It is when we love completely with all our hearts
that we learn to think and act wisely
The things we learn through love are the things we cherish the most
There is no greater treasure than pure love

Lord, I pray for a heart filled with love and wisdom
My love for You gives me a purpose
My life has a secret meaning only known to You, Lord
You are a God of eternal love and wisdom

Do not let me waste any of Your precious gifts
Nor allow me to lose my way
Everything I have is an investment in love
There is nothing more valuable than love

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 19th 2020

Lord, we do not always behave kindly towards one another
Good behaviour does not come from bad thoughts
and wrongful opinions of others
It is strange that we think we are right even when we are wrong

Wisdom disappears in the presence of anger and revenge
God does not force anyone to do anything, good or bad,
and neither should we
Let us give one another the grace of forgiveness,
the same grace God gives to us

It is not for us to judge when we are devoid of wisdom
Lord, You are the supreme judge
Creator of everything that lives, breathes and moves in this world
May Your Spirit of Wisdom enlighten my mind, heart and soul
today and every day of my life

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 12th 2020

Lord, there are so many things we do not understand
about life in all its creation
Good and bad live alongside each other
We need to be aware of how quickly and deeply bad things take root
and grow within our hearts

Lord, help us to dig out what is bad
and not allow it to dominate our lives
God gives us all the help we need
to make good things grow within our hearts and minds

Good growth sustains life in all its goodness
Nothing good is wasted
Everything returns to God like new
Let us cut out of our lives all the bad things that do us harm
Then, let us focus on making the good things grow in abundance

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 5th 2020

How compassionate and gentle You are, Lord
You raise us up when we are bowed down
You lift us up into Your loving arms like little children
We need You Father, Son and Holy Spirit
to pick us up when we fall down

Every child knows instinctively who to turn to
and who they can trust
No one is more trustworthy than You, Lord
Wrap Your arms around me, Lord, and protect me from all harm
Do not let me give up when times are hard

Lord, I lay my burden down at Your feet
and when I am strong enough I will pick it up again
Together we will climb Your Holy Mountain

Sunday, June 28th 2020


Lord, we ask You to make us brave
To have the courage to go out into the world with love in our hearts
And justice as our aim

We pray for the intercession of Your saints
Take away our fears and doubts and replace them with love
Love is incorruptible
Love is everlasting
Love takes us by the hand and leads us to paradise

The world needs good men and women
who act with integrity and work, ceaselessly, for peace
We need the prayers and help of Your angels and saints
Lord, make us strong and fearless

We thank God for all His goodness to us
We aim to be Your messengers of peace
And build Your Kingdom on earth

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 21st 2020

Lord, You are at my side
I place all my trust in You
You will never abandon me
Not leave me on my own

Lord, Your great love is my saving help
I am safe from danger and secure from harm
I am sheltered within Your loving arms
Through Your love and grace we are all drawn closer to God Our Father

Our Father, who protects us as He always did
from the very beginning of time
I have nothing to fear except the temptation to hide my self from God
Do not let me fall away from You, Lord
You are my protector and my shield

Do not be afraid to open your heart to God Our Father
through the heart of Jesus
and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit
We pray today for all our fathers, living and dead

Sunday, June 14th 2020

Lord, You save me by taking me by the hand
and leading me out of the wilderness of this land
I am never alone
You are always with me

You give me life
You give me hope
You give me sustenance of the kind, previously unknown

All answers are to be found in You
for all who go in search of You will find love and truth
Thank You, Lord, for the bread of life that is the Body of Christ
Thank You for keeping us alive and well in times of trouble
Thank You for the comfort You bring to us
by showing us Your Divine Presence in the Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist
Thank You for all the graces we receive from You when we say Amen, I Believe in You

June 7th 2020

No matter what is going on around us – we are never alone
The love of God surrounds us at all times
God Our Father, unite us and bring us closer to one another
so we become a community of people
who are tender-hearted, compassionate, loving and faithful

Jesus Lord, Human and Divine at the same time
Teach us how to live according to God’s will
the way that You did when You lived among us
You shared our trials and our sorrows
You understand very well what we are going through

Holy Spirit, draw us into one united and holy Body of Christ
Just as the Father, Son and Spirit are united to make One Being
so we, too, are drawn together
in the peace, love and grace of Christ Jesus Our Lord

May 31st 2020

Lord Jesus, we are Your faithful people
through the power of God’s Holy Spirit
This is a day of great rejoicing
as we celebrate the birth of Christ’s Church,
the Church that we belong to

We thank God for the wonder of His creation – everything we can see
and all we cannot see is created by the work of Your hands
We are Your creation
We are the body of Christ – His Church here on earth

Pour out Your grace over all Your people,
those who know You and love You
and those who have yet to discover the beauty, truth and grace of the Word of God
Jesus Our Lord, God and Man, You lived among us to set us free
Give us today, the gifts of God’s amazing and Holy Spirit

7th Sunday of Easter
May 24th 2020

I am alive
I am alive in you
Lord, You are alive in me

At this time, we see everything spring into life
This is a time to thank God for His glorious creation
He entrusts the creation into our hands
With our hands we create a new and better life for us all

Lord, by the power of Your grace
I will be able to see all the goodness around me
So, we gather together united in the name of Christ,
united in one continuous prayer of praise and thanksgiving
to the glory of God

6th Sunday of Easter
May 17th 2020

All good things come from God
through God’s Holy Spirit
Lord Jesus, it is through Your intervention
that we are open to receive the Holy Spirit

Through Jesus, we are given hope
Jesus has the power to heal us, physically, mentally and emotionally
In Jesus, we have a holy presence of love, kindness, mercy and compassion

Lord, open our hearts to the great gift of love
Through love we know God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Let us not underestimate the great power of love to heal

Help me, Lord, to pray for good things which benefit everyone,
including those who do not know You
Love has a way of showing the world how to live,
according to the will of God

5th Sunday of Easter
May 10th 2020

Father, You sent Your Beloved Son
to show us the way to eternal life
A life of peace, joy and happiness
Love unites us all in acts of mercy and kindness

Trust in God’s Way leads to a good life
God loves us so much that He sets us free
through the knowledge of Jesus, His Son,
He who is human and divine at the same time

Lord, intercede for us at your Father’s right hand
You see how we live
and how much we hope to receive the graces we need
to act according to the Will of God

Lord, You prepare a place for those who believe in God’s Truth
Lead us along the way of perfection
to eternal life,
and pure happiness